These 5 bathroom buys from Crate & Barrel's new collection are my top picks for a super chic transformation in no time

I love how easy it is to upgrade your bathroom with Crate & Barrel's new DIY range, and here are the most beautiful things you can get right now

oak vanity with marble top
(Image credit: Crate & Barrel)

The team at Crate & Barrel has got it just right. They understood that bathrooms are one of the most difficult areas of a home to start renovating, they are time-consuming, and also one of the most costly. But the brand is keeping its finger on the design pulse and has launched a collection of bathroom products that can be installed without the help of contractors, in an easy DIY way. 

The collection consists of bathroom vanities, hardware, faucets, mirrors, and lights, in a variety of different styles. No matter what your style is, you’re bound to find something that will elevate the look of your bathroom in no time. 

Here are my top 5 items that are aligned with the latest bathroom trends, and I’m sure you’ll love them. 

1. The bathroom vanity 

oak and cane vanity with marble top

(Image credit: Crate & Barrel)

This is THE piece de resistance of any bathroom, wouldn't you agree? The collection of vanity units from Crate & Barrel caters to every taste, but the one I think is most suited for a modern home is the Eli. With its cane and natural oak wood doors and marble top it will make a great addition to a minimalist bathroom. You can absolutely bring tall plants to frame the sides of the vanity, and a comfortable rug to finish off the look.  

2. The mirror 

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, in my book, the bigger the better, and I don’t know how anyone can live with anything smaller than almost the width of the actual vanity. OK, I might be slightly exaggerating but you get the idea. Go as big as the space permits while making sure you comfortably allow for a light above it, if you chose to add one. A big, round mirror looks elegant and will create a more expensive look in a bathroom. Go for Crate & Barrel’s round brass edge mirror and you won’t regret it. If brass doesn’t work for you, black is also a great option.  

3. The hardware 

I can never say this enough - you can’t achieve a luxurious-looking space without really being mindful of the details. As such, hardware is super important, and considering the great visual effect it has, it actually is an inexpensive bathroom upgrade. Crate & Barrel’s selection is absolute eye candy. I love the sculptural, slight hourglass shape of the tapered bath hardware collection, and it looks really chic in brushed brass. Match this to the mirror edge finish you chose, or mix them with a black finish, for a modern bathroom look.  

4. The faucet 

Another detail of high importance is the faucet. Full disclosure, if you’re anything like me, you might need help installing this one. The gooseneck brushed brass available at Crate & Barrel is from the high-quality brand Kohler, and it’s sure that it will be both long-lasting and beautiful. Its minimalist shape will completely transform the look of your bathroom, it's aligned with the latest bathroom faucet trends, and I love that the gooseneck spout delivers a gentle stream of water that helps to prevent splashing. 

5. The wall light 

To finish it all off in style you need beautiful bathroom lighting. And here again, you’re spoilt for choice, but the Soleil Fluted Glass 2-Light Wall Sconce is really a beautiful piece of design. The fluted glass gives a slight nod to Art-Deco style while still looking perfectly modern at the same time. A square brass wallplate supports the elegantly slender tube of glass. A great thing about this light is that you can place it either vertically, one on each side of your mirror, for instance, or horizontally, above it.  

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