This Pants Organizer from Amazon is Going Viral — And It's so Easy to Add Into Your Existing Closet

Looking to transform your cramped closet into a stylishly functional storage? This clever Amazon buy is the answer

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Jeans and pants generally take up heaps of space in our closets and while buying less could be a solution, we're not here to put a damper on your retail therapy spirit. The whole point of finding the right living space is to make it work for you.

But we recognize that it can be pretty difficult to find a space with the perfect bedroom and a sizable closet. Unlike the queen of closets, Carrie Bradshaw, we don't always have the option of extending our walk-ins, so nifty organizers will have to do the trick.

Luckily, we came across a fabulous pants organizer that saves space while totally optimizing the room for storage in your closet. We have a feeling that this clever Amazon buy will quickly make it into your list of best closet organizers, especially for those of you who are doing the most you can with limited closet real estate.

Pull Out Pants Organizers for Optimized Closet Storage

From the moment we saw this reel from Hillary Piel (@thehillarystyle), we knew that it would be one worth saving. In the video, Hillary shows us what she calls the ultimate closet organizer and we can hardly disagree,

As seen in the reel, Hillary's pants organizer has multiple rungs on either side and an extendable spine that allows you to pull out the rack with ease. By simply screwing the organizer into the base of a shelf, you can secure the hanger bar and make it so that your pants are perfectly hung every time.

When you individually hang your pants, that tends to take up a lot of space. And if you stack them on a shelf, you're more likely to pick out the ones at the top of the pile. This organizer ensures that you make the most of a small closet by ensuring that your pants don't take up too much room, while also keeping them all on display. Essentially making it easier to reach for pairs that you would otherwise leave forgotten.

When it comes to closet organization ideas, Di Ter Avest, founder of Di Is Organized, finds this to be a clever addition to any wardrobe. 'This pants organizer seems to be very efficient since it allows people to hang their pants in a way that uses the depth of the closet,' she says. 'Specifically, if the shelf can be adjusted to strategically utilize the vertical space.'

Home organization expert Meaghan Kessman also likes the concept of the pants organizer and tells us that while she hasn't put it to work yet, she's excited at the plan of using it in an upcoming project of hers. 'This rack efficiently stores up to 22 pairs of pants without hogging closet space,' she notes. 'And the flocked rods keep pants in shape and wrinkle-free, ready to wear straight from the rack.'

Meaghan points out that the rack appears to be sturdy in its form, making it a closet addition that'll likely stand the test of time. Aside from the functional aspects of the organizer, she also notes that the smooth sliding function adds a touch of luxury to any closet space.

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Audra N George, CEO of Pretty Neat, tells us that there are plenty of benefits that come with featuring a closet organizer like this one. 'It provides a unique and fun way to add storage space and efficiency to your closet,' she says. 'And it elevates the level of usability in your closet to allow easy access to your clothing with the pullout or drawer-type feature.'

All in all, she explains that this pants organizer looks clean and organized in your space and makes it easy to keep things that way. We think that this is one of those things that people with small homes invest in and are better off for. After all, what's the point of collecting the best pants and not getting to show them off?

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