This centuries-old item is the new celebrity must-have piece of kitchen jewelry. But is this trend worth it?

In a recent home tour, Amanda Seyfried showcased this beautiful kitchen item, and demand has since skyrocketed

pot filler tap
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I love a good kitchen accessory but the one item that had completely escaped my mind in recent times is also the item that has had the most sudden revival since Amanda Seyfried showcased it in a tour of her home. I’m talking about the pot filler tap trend. This, my friend, seems to be the emerging kitchen accessory trend of 2023 we didn’t see coming. 

A recent report by Magnet Trade states that since Amanda Seyfried showcased her ‘stunning’ pot filler on a recent home tour that makes her kitchen looks ‘gourmet’, Google searches for ‘brass pot fillers’ have skyrocketed by 308%. And I definitely contributed to that percentage. 

What is a pot filler tap? 

A pot filler tap in the kitchen

(Image credit: AVERY NICOLE PHOTOGRAPHY. Studio credit Ariel Bleich Design)

‘A pot filler is essentially a one-arm, single-temperature tap that is located above the stove. Their key benefit is the convenience of allowing you to fill pots of water directly on the stove rather than having to go back and forth from the sink,’ says Jen Nash, Senior Design Lead at Magnet Trade.  

 Celebrities love it! 

The pot filler is weaving its way into plenty of celebrity homes and is quickly becoming one of the latest kitchen trends to look out for. Kendall Jenner, Emma Chamberlain, Hailey Bieber, and Harry and Meghan Markle are among the many other celebrities who have also opted for the practical yet aesthetic kitchen addition. 

They are also flooding TV show interiors in the likes of Charlotte’s Upper East Side farmhouse kitchen in And Just Like That, The Watcher and the trendy interiors in Dead to Me.  

 The pros and cons of investing in a pot filler 

Pot filler taps trend, brassy colored tap by deVOL in a painted kitchen

(Image credit: deVOL)

If you’re just about to hit that ‘buy now’ button, read this first. Jen Nash shares with me the must-know pros and cons of having one.

In terms of pros, the pot filler seems to be ideal for busy homes. ‘For homeowners with several residents or busy families, having a pot filler can be convenient for reducing time spent in the kitchen. A pot filler flows approximately three to four gallons of water per minute, which is more than double the rate of a traditional sink tap. This lets you fill larger pots very quickly so that you can get on with your cooking,’ says Jen. 

In addition, Jen tells me they can also add to your property’s value. 'As they are rising in popularity and are a unique addition to a kitchen, a pot filler can add a 3.2% asking price premium to your home. Its merging of beauty and function makes an impression on potential buyers and they currently sit as one of the best kitchen features at adding value and appeal to the space.’

Pot filler taps trend, brassy colored tap by deVOL in marble kitchen

(Image credit: deVOL)

There are also downsides. Malfunctions can happen, and while for a tap above a sink a few stray drops might not be a problem, a pot filler could leak onto your stove. It’s also quite a pricey addition. With retail cost and fitting the faucet, it can cost between $600 and $1,000, excluding any maintenance costs when / if required.

Pip Rich, Global Editor in Chief of Livingetc sees the benefits but is not 100% convinced. 'Pot filler taps are a joy and huge convenience if you live in a big kitchen and are constantly topping up pans on the stove. But are they a necessity? I don't think so. How many of us have spaces - really - where the faucets are that far from the hobs? And how many of us can afford the extra waterworks pipes that a pot filler tap needs? Both in terms of the room they take up behind the wall (often needing a false cavity) and financially, pot filler taps are a big investment. A nice-to-have, but very far from my need-to-have list,' he tells me.

 To buy or not to buy?  

Pot filler taps trend, brassy colored tap by deVOL in a painted kitchen

(Image credit: deVOL)

In conclusion, are pot filler faucets worth it? Before deciding whether to make the investment in a pot filler or not, think about your needs and cooking habits. ‘From spray kitchen taps to boiling water taps, there are a variety of taps which offer more functions and benefits than the ordinary tap but have a smaller price tag compared to a pot filler tap,’ advises Jen Nash. 

Good design always has function at its core, so think about functionality first. After assessing the pros and cons decide whether the pot filler will be a genuinely worthwhile addition to your kitchen.  

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