Bobby Berk's Genius Hack Helps Cover These "Eyesore" Light Fixtures People Hate — and It Works in Rentals, too

In the dark about how to disguise your lackluster light fixtures? Bobby's got it covered!

bobby berk and a ceiling light
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Our Queer Eye favorite and interior design expert Bobby Berk is always providing us with fresh ideas to update and transform our homes. The design guru's suggestions are always bang on trend, infused with his effervescent personality, and (usually) straightforward enough for all of us to have a go at!

This time, Bobby is inspiring us all to cover up those ceiling lights that pretty much the entire world has decided are too ugly to keep. Now given the name 'boob lights', these fixtures may have been bothering you since you first walked through the door of your home.

However, changing them is not easy, especially if you're decorating a rental. It's a simple, inexpensive fix, and makes a huge difference in only a few minutes.

How to cover your unsightly light fixtures

This hack from Bobby is so straightforward. Using a stunning Drum light shade from Tulip Shades, who say their company started with a boob light (and a desperate need to cover it), Bobby simply covers the existing light fixture with a gorgeous light diffusing shade for a warm glow and softly polished look. The best part? These shades are super affordable, this one is $135, and require no tools whatsoever, so they're totally renter friendly too! 

Bobby told us that the light that features in his Instagram video is actually his team member's apartment. 'He's a renter and he wanted a better light but his landlord wouldn't let him replace it, so he had to find a way to mask it,' he explains. 'This company Tulip makes these really cool lights that just attach to the ceiling so that way, when you move out, all you need is a little spackle to fill the holes and you're able to cover up an ugly light!'

tulip shade to cover sconce light

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Voila! Those bothersome boob lights will be covered, and your space will feel instantly transformed and elevated. Harsh overheat lighting can really kill the vibe of your space, so Bobby's quick trick is the perfect fix for a happy home. 

The texture of these Tulip Shades, made from 100% cotton, also works so well to bring a tranquil mood to your space. 'Texture plays an essential role in softening the glare of a lightbulb,' says interior designer and founder of Maison Maison Suzanne Duin. The naturally occuring gaps in the woven cotton create such a cozy glow, 'allowing your lamp to act as a design statement in its own right.' And, the shade will look stylish even when your light is switched off, making it the perfect addition to any space.

These Tulip shades can also be used on a wide variety of other lighting types, such as raw bulbs, so they're a one size fits all solution to all our lighting hang-ups.

So, as Bobby says, 'Do yourself a favor' and cover your unsightly light fixtures— you'll be wishing you did it sooner!

Ambient lamp shades for hanging light fixtures

If you have any hanging light fixtures that need covering, or can't get to Tulip Shades, we suggest any lamp shade that will diffuse light in your space and create a relaxing ambience. Simple cotton shades work well, or, if you want something a bit more statement, paper origami shades look striking and unique.

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