The World's Most Stylish Sofa Gets a Fashion Makeover as B&B Italia Unveils a Further Collab With Stella McCartney

The Camaleonda sofa is the most covetable couch right now, and B&B Italia have partnered with Stella McCartney to give it a peace-inspiring makeover, launched at Art Basel today

camaleonda sofa with stella mccartney fabric
(Image credit: Emilio Collavino)

I have no doubt in my mind that B&B Italia's Camaleonda sofa has been the piece of furniture for 2023, and will continue to be the piece for 2024. A stylish revamp has just been unveiled at Art Basel in Miami as part of an ongoing collaboration B&B Italia has with the British fashion designer Stella McCartney, adding another layer of covetablity to an already high-demand piece.

The Camaleonda has appeared countless times in the pages of Livingetc this year, sitting plumply and welcomingly in the most stylish homes, all boasting one in a rainbow of the many colors it can be custom made in. And it's popular quite simply because it fits exactly into how we all we want to live. One of the best sofas on the market, its modularity allows you to configure it in any way you choose. Its plump seat cushions and rounded back are dreamily comfortable to lie back on. And its inviting shape allows for graceful entertaining or an elegant recline as you relax or watch TV.

B&B Italia x Stella McCartney

B&B Italia Camaleonda sofa in Stella McCartney S-Wave fabric

(Image credit: B&B Italia)

Today's reveal shows the Camaleonda, designed by Mario Bellini, to be covered in a brand new fabric by Stella McCartney, called the S-Wave monogram. A very subtle pattern in soft shades of pink and cream, it adds an element of movement, a grace that the eye almost doesn't catch at first. It elevates an already elevated piece of timeless furniture.

The fabric's design is inspired by DNA strings, soundwaves and a desire to loive in harmony with nature - the gentle undulations capturing the fluidty of a life lived at its most peaceful. The fashion designer has also included it in her ready-to-wear collections.

B&B Italia Camaleonda sofa in white Stella McCartney fabric

(Image credit: B&B Italia)

“I have loved Mario Bellini’s designs for years, and I cannot put into words how
thrilled I am to see my prints on his pieces once again,” says Stella McCartney. “The S-Wave is a symbol of our Stella commitments to circularity and conscious luxury, which are so perfectly embodied by B&B Italia’s Camaleonda sofa, constructed from pioneering materials kinder to Mother Earth. This collaboration truly is a harmony of our shared passions for next-generation sustainability and timeless craftsmanship.”

The Camaleonda is crafted from nearly entirely sustainable materials, materialising both brands’ nature-positive visions.

The Stella McCartney x B&B Italia Camaleonda collection will be on sale from today in all B&B Italia flagship showrooms, as well as mono-and multi-brand stores globally and online at in the upcoming months, launching first with the US market.

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