The Roaring 2020s: Eight ways to bring the Art Deco interiors trend into a modern home

We are now well into the 20's take two and the art deco interiors trend is just as relevant today as it was 100 years ago

art deco interiors
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 Now that we are another year deeper into the 20s, the decade is well and truly underway. The jazz-filled parties which Fitzgerald promised might have yet to materialise. However, there is no reason you shouldn’t indulge your inner Gatsby with the art-deco interior trend.

The art-deco trend is one that has an enduring appeal in modern interior design and continues to grow stronger and stronger, especially as we edge into the new 20s.

‘Art deco interiors are the perfect connector between classical and modern interiors,’ explains interior architect and product designer, Martin Brudnizki.  ‘Like antiques, the materiality involved and craftsmanship is exquisite.’ 

‘These pieces were bespoke and built to last before mass production techniques became popular in the mid-century. But they were also more refined and elegant and suited to a modern way of living – designing with negative space in mind to create interiors that breathe and don’t feel as stuffy as their Victorian predecessors.’   

Whether you are looking for a small, but stylish inspiration or want to indulge in the elegance of the period, we have compiled eight simple ways to turn your house into something Marlene Dietrich would be proud to call her own.

How to introduce the Art Deco trend into your home

 1. Find a statement mirror 

Art deco interiors

(Image credit: Simon Bevan)

 Nothing says vintage glamour quite like the metallic tones of an Art Deco mirror. Choosing an Art Deco mirror is also a great alternative for those looking to add timeless sophistication into their home, without committing to other flamboyant trends of the decade. 

Many of these mirrors complement a minimal interior style, and will work alongside virtually any colour or furnishing.

 2. Go for gold 

Art deco interiors trend

(Image credit: Simon Bevan)

 It is no coincidence that the world became obsessed with gold once Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922. In the years that followed, interior designers and artists alike subtly celebrated this finding through a decadent colour palette in the most luxurious architectural structures, halls and homes, which all paid homage to the splendour of Ancient Egypt.

The easiest way to introduce gold into a contemporary space is through a piece of artwork or a strong print. Alternatively, you can opt for something more minimal, such as a gold tap- already one of 2021’s biggest bathroom ideas.

 3. Unleash your wild style 

Art deco interiors

(Image credit: James Merrell)

 While an overseas adventure may seem like a distant memory for all of us at present, it was a brand new phenomenon in the 1920s. With the opportunity to travel came a newfound admiration for animal print, as travellers filled their homes with nostalgic reminders of their safaris. 

Today, we too are longing for a sunny escape, but in the meantime, you can take a cue from history by filling your home with exotic prints.

 4. Go bold with geometric shapes 

art deco interiors

(Image credit: Simon Bevan)

 If you are looking to guarantee that your home is unmistakably Art Deco geometry is key. Trapezoidal zigzagged and triangular shapes are all instantly associated with the 20s. You can interpret geometric patterns into all kinds of furnishings. Incorporate it with prints or a sleek set of shelves.

 5. Invest in a drinks trolley 

Art deco interiors

Drinks trolley at Oliver Bonas, £395

(Image credit: Oliver Bonas)

 Nothing says the 1920s, or the 2020s quite like a drinks trolley, as we embrace our own prohibition and turn our spaces into a home bar. A drinks trolley, such as this one from Oliver Bonas, instantly turns your living or dining room into a bootleg hangout which wouldn’t look out of place in the Hollywood Hills. 

Plus, when you can entertain again, your guests will never forget their first aperitif from this fashionable piece of furniture.

  6. Glamourize with glass

Art deco interiors

(Image credit: Simon Bevan)

 There are several other ways to showcase the roaring 20s in your home through the use of glass, from a tasteful tinted candle holder to a modern take on a statement piece which will instantly become the crowning glory of your home.

 7. Always use authentic accessories 

Martin Brudnizki coffee table

Marden coffee table by Martin Brudnizki

(Image credit: Martin Brudnizki)

 There is no more personal way to introduce the 1920s into your home than by physically owning a piece of this iconic era. Get lost in your local antique store when they reopen or browse online on sites like Etsy.

However, you can also invest in newer art deco inspired pieces, that embody the feel and craftsmanship of the era. For example, this coffee table from Martin Brudnizki that was inspired by the early 20th-century architect Gunnar Asplund.

‘The use of cast glass brings to mind Lalique in France and Orrefors in Sweden and mixed with the plaster creates a quite an art deco feel,’ explains Martin.

 8. Finish with an ornate lamp shade

Art deco interiors

(Image credit: Simon Bevan)

 Yes, the 20s is known for its vivid symmetry and contrasting colours; however, it was also a time for ornate hand-painted furnishings, which further reminded some homeowners of their travels. 

For a minimal touch of elegance, look for a home accessory, such as an embroidered fan, or dramatically shake up your style with a patterned lampshade.

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