This viral Amazon buy is a genius way to stop clutter collecting underneath your couch for good – and it's less than $20

Have lost toys, TV remotes and other clutter disappeared under your sofa? This genius innovation puts an end to those runaway items

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We can all universally agree that there's nothing more frustrating than losing your glasses, the remote control, or your slippers underneath the sofa (God forbid all three at once). The problem is, no matter how hard you try to avoid kicking things under there, they seem to disappear into another realm of their own volition anyway. 

Don't get me started on anything that rolls, either. If you live alone that might stretch to the odd battery or bottlecap, add kids and pets into the equation and you'll find an entire commune of toy cars, balls, marbles, and even the odd piece of fruit camping out under there. Sound familiar? If so, this genius Amazon buy might become your new best friend. 

Designed to slot into the space below your sofa this plastic gap bumper prevents clutter from collecting under your couch for a tidier living room. Even if rogue items aren't a concern in your clutter-free space (please share your secrets...) it also acts as a great barrier against accumulated dirt and dust bunnies. Intrigued yet? We take a closer look at this wonderfully simple yet masterful innovation and why we think it should go straight on your wishlist. 


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The most common under-the-sofa expats in my household are my slippers. I've lost count of the number of times they've strayed to the dark abyss under our living room sofa. True to their name, they slip under unnoticed, the gap being the perfect size for them to disappear and be concealed by the skirt of the couch slipcover. 

Retrieving them is another issue in itself. I've now mastered the art of sliding the vacuum cleaner nozzle right to the wall at the back to scoop my slippers out, but for any slightly smaller objects, it's mission impossible. 

You can imagine my joy, then, when I came across this set of gap blockers for less than $20 on Amazon. Made of clear PVC plastic (BPA free), the long L-shaped devices attach to your floor with a strong adhesive to block items from rolling beneath your sofa (or even the armchair or bed). They're easily removable and washable, and the clear plastic means they're totally inconspicuous to guests, too. 

Sofa gap bumper, Amazon
Editor's pick

Sofa gap bumper, Amazon

Say goodbye to dirt, dust, and lost toys collecting under your couch with this pack of PVC bumpers. The clear plastic inconspicuously blocks the gap underneath your seating so you won't ever need to bend down to vacuum below your sofa ever again. We're sold!

This set from Amazon comes with eight separate blockers so that you can build the total length to your requirements, measuring 16" and a height of 3.2" each. The material can even be cut to lower the gap or to prevent any trip hazards at the edge of your couch. 

Installation is super simple, too. Adhesive tape is included which adheres to any hard surfaced living room flooring such as wood, marble, tile, or vinyl, onto which you can then stick the plastic blockers. For carpeted flooring or rugs, it's recommended that you install the gap bumpers upside-down, sticking the flat surface to the underside of your furniture. 

Whether it's runaway items, pets disappearing under the couch, or your robot vacuum cleaner losing its way under your bed, this simple innovation is a must-have Amazon buy for a cleaner, more clutter-free space - plus it will save you hours searching for those stray items. Currently on sale at $18.60 at Amazon, adding to basket is a no-brainer. 

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