Interior designers give their top tips for rocking the abstract art trend this season

Abstract art is everywhere right now, from bold geometric shapes to Picasso-inspired line drawings

Prism Vibrant rectangle rug, Sonya Winner Rug Studio
(Image credit: Sonya Winner Rug Studio)

The abstract trend in interior design never really went away – but this year brings new ways for using this bold and colorful source of inspiration in new ways. 

Spoiler: the on-trend ways to add a splash of abstract energy to your home has nothing to do with abstract prints. Instead, we are seeing elements of abstraction in textile design, wallpapers, and even lighting. Here are the three freshest ways to use abstract motifs in your home this year. 

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1. It's all about Picasso

Dreamers' rendezvous wallapaper design, Hommes Studio

Dreamers' rendezvous wallapaper design, Hommes Studio

(Image credit: Hommes Studio)

Picasso dominates the abstract trend in interior design this season, and no wonder. Picasso was not an abstract painter per se, but he experimented with abstraction at various points in his long career as a painter. His line drawings in particular are instantly recognizable and translate very well to different elements of home decor, from wallpaper design to textiles and even lampshades. 

Natalie Mann, Development Co-ordinator at Iconic Lights, comments: 'Line drawings and abstract expressions have exploded this past year, and there is no sign of this interior trend slowing down.' She adds that their latest collection of Picasso-inspired shades came about as the result of specific 'requests for more art-inspired shades.'

These are very recognizable, attention-drawing images, so it's best to keep your nods to Picasso minimal – one object or one wall is plenty. 

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Reni large pendant shade, Iconic Lights

Reni large pendant shade, Iconic Lights

(Image credit: Iconic Lights)

2. If using color, go vibrant

Bubbles Outline rug, Sonya Winner

Bubbles Outline rug, Sonya Winner

(Image credit: Sonya Winner)

Abstract art offers almost limitless inspiration for experimenting with the intersections between bright color and bold shapes. A rug is a great way to really go for it with vividly colored geometry and gives you the opportunity to still keep the rest of the room neutral. 

'The current abstract trend in interior design is a natural consequence of our growing need for making our homes a fun, exciting, uplifting place,' says Sonya Winner, rug designer. 

'The ‘abstract energy’ trend is about bringing in bold shapes and colors to brighten up a space. This can be achieved by either creating a fully eclectic room or - in an easier way - by introducing a few accent block colors and geometric shapes into an otherwise neutral room.'

3. Consider adding abstract elements to less expected rooms

Kid's bedroom by Annie Sloan

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Abstract art is all about playfulness and fun – and it isn't just for serious connoisseurs. In fact, paint and color expert Annie Sloan recommends introducing abstract motifs to your kid's room ideas.

'Abstract shapes and bold colours will fuel a child’s imagination, making them the perfect choice for little one’s rooms,' she says. 'Think Matisse’s cutouts, and make your own stencils if the thought of painting directly onto the wall is too nerve-wracking! So colorful – and a wonderful introduction to the concept of joy and playfulness in art.'

Will you be getting playful with color and patterns in your home?

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