This Viral Magazine File from IKEA can be Used for More Than Just Magazines - Here are 3 Ways to Style it in the Kitchen

Who doesn't love a tip that uses one item in multiple ways? Instagram led us to discover a possible gem, and it costs just $13

Magazine file holder
(Image credit: IKEA)

Organizing is something that we all struggle with, and without proper tools, it would be next to impossible. More than any other room, keeping the kitchen organized is the hardest task, probably because there are so many little nitpicks in it. So we're constantly on the lookout for items that will make our lives easier.

Our latest discovery is the magazine file by IKEA. Priced at just $12.99 with a light grey-beige color, it blends perfectly with minimalist and neutral home decor, but it needn't be reserved for your magazines and paperwork only. With a chic and modern design, the magazine file is now being used as a multipurpose organizer to keep your modern kitchen countertops clutter-free. Here's how. 

 Multi-purposing the magazine file 

magazine file holder

(Image credit: IKEA)

The ingenious idea of using this practical accessory in multiple ways was shared by Gülcan, an interiors content creator enlightening us with more of such trendy tips on her Instagram page, @roses.interior

'I don't like it when my kitchen countertop looks too full and messy,' she tells us. 'But still, l there are some items one needs every day such as cutting boards, so I wanted to find a solution that looks stylish, is functional and brings some tidiness.’ She finds the FAGNING magazine file from IKEA a perfect accessory for holding all the kitchen items people use daily. In her video, she shares three ways it can be used by anyone.

 1. Dish towel holder 

magazine holder

(Image credit: Gülcan @roses.interior)

Even though kitchen towels are an inherent part of everyone's kitchen, there are very few products designed specially to store them, and as a result, they are often seen finding refuge in absurd corners of the kitchen. 

As seen in the video, Gülcan is using the smallest compartment of the classy magazine file to neatly store all her folded kitchen towels and declutter her kitchen countertops. While the organizer might not be the perfect place for the dish towels you currently have in use, the holder is a great vessel for your fresh ones and makes for a rustic, cottage-core kitchen look. 

 2. Cutting Board Stand 

magazine holder

(Image credit: Gülcan @roses.interior)

Another permanent member of the kitchen is the cutting board and honestly, very few people have mastered the art of storing this bulky item in their kitchen. Thankfully, the sturdy magazine file from IKEA can be the perfect home. In the viral Instagram video, Gülcan is seen placing her cutting board along with other magazines and books, showing how spacious the holder actually is. By doing this, the cutting board will be easily accessible and at the same time decorate your kitchen countertops with a raw and aesthetic look. 

3. Using the magazine file for magazines and cookbooks

magazine holder

(Image credit: IKEA)

While it's always fascinating to see new ways in which a product can be used, one must not forget what that item was initially designed for. ‘In terms of IKEA hacks, it is important to remember the item's intended use,' says professional organizer Ben Soreff, founder of House to Home Organizing. 'As for something that's designed to be a magazine rack, we don't want anything small going into it. I love the idea of it being used for cookbooks as they typically don't have a good spot in most kitchens.' 

If you want to use the magazine file as a kitchen organizer, recipe books, cards, and appliance manuals will of course be an obvious choice. As Gülcan's creative shows, however, the possibilities are virtually endless! 

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