IKEA's genius new $15 Christmas tree alternative is perfect for small spaces - we predict it's going to be a sell out!

If space is at a premium, IKEA's clever Christmas tree alternative is the ideal way to introduce some festive cheer to your home

A front porch with steps, decorated with lights and Christmas decorations
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I know what you're going to say - it's too early to talk about Christmas, but if there's one day of the year that benefits most from some forward planning, it's this one. Decorations are the magic ingredient that makes Christmas the special holiday that it is, but a 7-foot pine tree is not always a practical choice. Luckily, this nifty Christmas tree alternative from IKEA could be the answer. 

Whether you're decorating a small apartment, a guestroom, or a tiny living room for the season, this decoration is perfect. Not every room has space for an elaborate tree, but this understated, Scandi-inspired wall-hanging tree can be used to bring festive spirit to even the smallest of spaces. When it comes to Christmas decorating, we also tend to neglect rooms outside of the living room and kitchen, but it's high time we spread the festive cheer around the rest of the home. Costing just $15, you might even want one of these decorations in every room.

A wall hanging Christmas tree alternative

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If minimalism is your preferred style, you might be averse to over-the-top Christmas decorations. I get it, a huge Christmas tree covered in tinsel and baubles isn't for everyone, but you might want to consider some minimalist Christmas decor instead. Of course, when it comes to a pared-back, Scandi-inspired look, IKEA wins every time.  

The VINTERFINT wall hanging is their answer to a simple skeleton Christmas tree. The wooden bamboo joints can be left unadorned or styled in your own way, making it a great alternative to the big tree. There's even a version from Amazon that comes with built-in lights if you want to make decorating even easier. 

This piece of decor looks understated and chic with a single strip of lights but could be covered in small baubles as well. You could even try hanging photos from it. There are so many opportunities to get creative, and I think it would make the ultimate finishing touch to your guest bedroom this holiday hosting season. 

Christmas can get expensive, but you can always count on IKEA to help you with stylish decorations at affordable prices, and now you have another great decor option out there that doesn't break the bank. The best part? Unlike your traditional Christmas tree, this version is completely reusable. You'll be able to enjoy the ceremonial hanging of the tree year after year! 

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