Christina Aguilera’s take on this wallpaper trend can make a small space feel "open and glamorous", say designers

The singer's home is full of glamorous details, but we're especially drawn towards the wallpaper

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If you know anything about Christina Aguilera, you won’t be surprised to discover that, just like the singer herself, her home takes glamour to the next level. In a recent social media post she regales us with a catwalk strut through her dining room, and I couldn’t help but notice a wallpaper trend that gives interiors an incredibly luxurious and elevated look that's sure to be big in 2024. Of course, it was the perfect choice for Christina's home. 

I’m talking about metallic wallpaper, a trend that at first sight is the definition of maximalism, and with the rise of minimalism, you wouldn't be mistaken for thinking it was quite dated. However, metallic wallpaper is actually quite versatile, and it can be used as a tool not only to glam up a room but also to bounce off light and create the illusion of more space. 

Come the holiday season, there's nothing that will make your rooms look more dressed up for the occasion than this idea. I’ve spoken to experts about the effect of the metallic wallpaper trend in interiors and when it should be used so that you can recreate the glamour of Christina’s dining room in your own home. 

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While it might not be as popular as it once was, the truth is, the trend for metallic wallpapers has never really gone away completely. Amanda Both, Art Director at Tempaper & Co. tells me their metallic chinoiserie peel-and-stick wallpaper murals are some of the brand’s most popular designs. 

The reason for this is largely down to their versatility. ‘Metallic wallpaper is an easy way to add depth and interest to any space,' Amanda explains. 'They’re perfect for accent walls, bathrooms, and other areas where a bit of shimmer and texture could enhance the overall design.' 

While the rise of the more toned-down minimalism has taken our attention away from elements of more ornate decor, Christina is here to show us that maximalism is here to stay. The light off-white and gold hues in her dining room really add a feeling of opulence that's elegant at the same time. And with the holiday celebrations season upon us soon enough, there won’t be a better time to go all in for the metallic wallpaper and make your dining room shine for your guests. 

How should you decorate with metallic wallpaper? 

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Like a gift that keeps on giving, there are many advantages to using metallic wallpaper ideas. ‘Whether it be in gold, silver, or other metallic shades – it can add a touch of luxury and opulence to a space,' explains Amanda. 'It can also add warmth to a room, especially when paired with other complementary elements like warm-toned furnishings and soft lighting.' Christina's dining room is a perfect example of this. The gold tones paired with the warm low-level light from her lamp add both warmth and glamour to the space. 

Interior designer Naomi Astley Clarke particularly likes using papers with metallic detailing. ‘The sheen uplifts even the darkest of hallways and cozy, moody-hued dining rooms, giving a more subtle impact than mirroring or additional lighting,' she says. 'In a room where wall space is at a premium – such as in a living room with floor-to-ceiling windows – consider adorning your ceiling with metallic wallpaper instead. This will completely transform the environment, adding interest and encouraging you to look up occasionally.' 

Where should you use metallic wallpaper?  

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If you’re into a more glamorous, luxurious look then a metallic wallpaper ceiling might be for you, plus there’s the added bonus that no room in your home would be off-limits. However, you can still achieve a great effect even without going full-out metallic. One feature wall, or just papering one room, can really add that special, unique feel that makes a space stand out. There are different patterns you can try too, with a more or less metallic sheen. 

‘Metallic wallpaper can add a touch of elegance to formal spaces like dining rooms, living rooms, and entryways. It can help set the tone for a luxurious and refined atmosphere,’ explains Amanda. ‘Small spaces like powder rooms are also perfect for experimenting with metallic wallpapers where their reflective qualities can make a small space feel more open and glamorous. Metallic wallpaper can also be used in other areas with limited natural light to enhance the reflection of artificial lighting, making the space feel brighter and more inviting.' 

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