These Viral $12 Outdoor Hooks Are the Easy Hack to Transform the Exterior of Your Home

These genius hooks can help you add outdoor decor to your home's siding. And what perfect timing ahead of summer!

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We spend so much time thinking about the insides of our homes, that, in comparison, we barely mention the outsides — as in the house's genuine exterior. Couches, rugs, pillows ... I know the right styles to buy for every room, but I'm not as sure where to start when it comes to outdoor paint or porch decor.

Of course, I compensate this lack of knowledge by shopping all of the best outdoor furniture brands; you glean so much by just scrolling through the product listings and landing pages. In but a moment, I have a sense of the best styles and colors for door wreaths, the best trinkets and baubles with which I can decorate garden beds or patio steps, and so on and so forth. As a shopping editor focused entirely on how and what people are shopping, these tiny vignettes prove endlessly useful, if only because they inform the products I can then pull and share with you.

While working to expand this very knowledge, I stumbled upon a product that, while certainly not new to everyone, was quite new to me. In an immensely popular Instagram reel (we're taking upwards of 78,000 likes), home stager, designer, and content creator Anne Marie (@simplystagedandstyled) turned me onto the appeal of small but mighty siding hooks.

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These small-but-mighty siding hooks from Amazon sit underneath the siding of your house, offering a tiny platform from which to hang signs, wreaths, and more. In her reel, Anne Marie even uses them to quickly add a few outdoor shelves.

The best part of these tools is that they're non-invasive; no drilling involved. You can preserve the integrity of your siding while still adding a bit of character and personality. For Anne Marie, the hooks actually help her breathe new life into a part of her house she doesn't particularly like. 'The truth is that I hate our siding,' she writes in her caption. 'I’m hoping to get new siding one day or at least paint it but for now, these really help to spruce up things.'

6 siding hooks to try

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