This designer's genius take on "built-in" storage might be the most beautiful we've seen, and it's great for small bedrooms

We asked interior designer Jennifer Morrison to share her tips on adding this space-saving solution to your bedroom and it looks so beautiful too!

Bedroom with built-in bed with storage
(Image credit: Jeff Roberts. Design: Morrison Design House)

Home square footage is getting smaller and smaller, especially when it comes to modern living in a city, and we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to maximize space. The obstacle with creating storage solutions for small living spaces is that it can be a tricky design question of function over form. Ideally, you wouldn’t want to compromise on either. 

We spoke with one interior designer who has found one of the most beautiful storage ideas for small spaces, utilizing it both as a way to add interest to the overall scheme, as well as a practical solution to a lack of space. 

Creating storage in a platform bed

Bunk beds with drawers underneath

(Image credit: Jeff Roberts. Design: Morrison Design House)

We’ve noticed the use of built-in platform beds with drawers underneath trending in modern homes, and they're designs that look so good they make a statement of their own in the design of a room. One designer who incorporates them beautifully in her work is Jennifer Morrison of Morrison Design House. 

She tells us that requests for creative storage solutions are on the rise. ‘Generally, we are finding that the overall square footage of homes is decreasing as homeowners attempt to live more simply,' she tells us. 'Additional storage is always a benefit, especially in bunk rooms, where most of the available square footage is prioritized for sleeping and traditional storage units wouldn't fit.’

Jennifer Morrison
Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer is an interior designer with a passion for creating spaces which reflect the unique personalities of their inhabitants, and who believes in the transformative and positive benefits of a well designed home. After graduating from Syracuse University, Jennifer worked in commercial and residential design in New York and Boston. She enjoys bringing her commercial interior experiences - including offices, hospitality, and restaurants - to the residential setting.

However, the intention behind her designs doesn’t limit itself to functionality only. ‘We often add drawers to our built-in beds because we think it looks aesthetically better - it nicely uses up space that would otherwise just be a blank fascia board or empty space,’ Jennifer says. 

Looking at different under-bed storage ideas also offers an opportunity to get creative and integrate an extra element of interest into the room. ‘Adding drawers gives some visual interest and the ability to add decorative hardware which is a nice additional touch,’ advises the designer. 

 Potential downsides to bear in mind 

Bunk beds with drawers underneath

(Image credit: Jeff Roberts. Design: Morrison Design House)

While additional storage that doubles up as a beautiful design element sounds like a perfect idea, it can increase the cost of the custom built-in.

When it comes to usage, Jennifer tells us the addition of drawers to built-in beds tends to be better suited for guest spaces, where there is a need to maximize sleeping capacity. ‘The built-in drawers are great for storing things like extra linens and blankets, but not as convenient for everyday use as you'd want in a primary bedroom.’

All considered, we love the versatility of a good space-saving bedroom idea that also adds an element of beauty to the space. 

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