Outdoor Table Centerpiece Ideas — 6 Eye Catching Designs That Will Give Your Guests Something Interesting to Look At

Who said your outdoor furniture needs to be boring? Adding a centerpiece not only brings character to your backyard, but it is the perfect way to please your guests

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(Image credit: Klassen Photography. Design: Alykhan Velji Design)

Outdoor table centerpieces have a way of drawing a presence into a space. It is the main character and it is most definitely the moment. Tablescaping is quite a popular trend during the spring and summer season, as people prepare to welcome guests into their outdoor living spaces — and with every beautifully decorated table, there is a centerpiece.

Thinking about aesthetics as well as durability, if you’re looking to elevate your backyard, it’s time to look for centerpieces for outdoor dining that will stand the test of time. From Mediterranean bowls to succulent plants or simply dim lit candles, a centerpiece has a subtle way of pulling in a crowd, which is why I believe it is an essential in every home.

Here is a list of some of my favorite outdoor table centerpieces that will most certainly spruce up your patio furniture.

1. Candles

Julie Ann.PNG

(Image credit: Julie-Ann Daniells)

Candles have a way of adding a sense of calm into any space and when used as a centerpiece, it has a way of elevating and illuminating a scene. Some candles might even help keep those pests away, take citronella candles for example, they are a great way of keeping those backyard mosquitos at bay.

Home decorator and cottage owner, Julie-Ann Daniells tells us, candles don't just look good, but they're also durable for outdoor spaces. She adds: 'The candles were chosen as they matched the lovely brick of the barn. The candle holders work really well as they are heavy and don’t move in the wind too. They are also ribbed which goes accidentally with the back of the chairs, and I just love the rustic look of the vase with the floaty faux stems'.

2. An elegant vase

A blooming garden with a stunning vase as the centerpiece

Dina Croket, owner of Les Oliviers du Taulisson, a bed and breakfast in France, says for her table centerpiece she chose a simple, yet elegant white vase that she found, which soon came to be the center of attention.

Dina tells me: 'We were cutting down and opening the garden a bit but I never throw anything away so quickly put them in the first vase available and voilà. Simple but effective. I like to add some natural colour to my tables and always take something from our own garden'.

3. Add in a flourishing flower arrangement

A harmonious mix of white and lime green hydrangeas.

(Image credit: Rose of Sharon Floral Design Studio)

Arranging flowers on the table is something I love doing. It's a great way to welcome to the spring and summer season and It most defiantly has a way of drawing the crowds attention.

Florist and creative director of Rose of Sharon Floral Design Studio, Althea Wiles says: 'The timeless elegance of this centerpiece lies in its simplicity and refinement. The cool, soothing tones of white and lime green hydrangeas create a calm and inviting atmosphere. Hydrangeas are known for their lush, full blooms that offer a sense of opulence, while the lime green variety adds a fresh, contemporary twist'.

She continues: 'The classic silver compote introduces a touch of vintage charm, elevating the arrangement's sophistication. Ferns, with their delicate, feathery texture, complement the hydrangeas perfectly, adding a layer of natural sophistication. This arrangement is perfect for outdoor events where understated elegance is key, providing a serene and stylish focal point'.

4. Succulents

Succulents places at the centerpiece of an outdoor table

(Image credit: Photo by Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash)

Decorating with cacti and other succulents can add quite the allure to your outdoor living space. I love the way succulents have been arranged on this table. Incorporating nature in the finest manner.

Livingetc's Editor Hugh Metcalf says ‘potted plants, even ones brought out from indoors when the weather’s good, make a perfect centerpiece for your garden tables, especially when you pay attention to the arrangement. This cactus display works so well as follows the ‘rule of three’ for styling, as well as introducing differing shapes and textures for more interest’

5. Add a fruit bowl at the center of the table

A fruit bowl sits in the center of a wooden outdoor dining table

(Image credit: Photo by Monique on Unsplash)

Feeding the eyes and the belly, this Mediterranean style centerpiece is quite eye catching with the colorful fruits and vegetables. Adding assortments of your favorite fruit and vegetable is a great way of subtly inviting guests around the table.

'Fruits, vegetables and certain other foods can make for the most beautiful table centerpieces,' says Livingetc's Interiors Editor Emma Breislin. 'Depending on what you pick, they can transport you to another world — I’ll forever associate citrus like lemons with the Italian coastline. Not only are fruits and vegetables a relatively affordable option for styling, but they also come in an abundance of different shapes and sizes, meaning you can really create something truly sculptural and eye-catching,' Emma adds.

6. Match the color of the centerpiece with its surroundings

Lacie Hansen Photography for Kathleen Deery Design-3

(Image credit: Lacie Hansen Photography for Kathleen Deery Design)

Decorating with terracotta is a trend that has become quite popular and incorporating such earthy tones into your color scheme is the perfect choice if you want to bring some warmth into your modern garden.

Kathleen Deery, florist and designer at Kathleen Deery Design and Paula LeDuc Fine Catering & Events tells us: 'The centerpiece for this coffee table features warm terracotta tones, which were derived from the colors of the home and the sunset setting'. As for the flowers, Kathleen says they included 'seasonal dahlias grown in our very own Beaulieu Garden. Access to this onsite garden allows us to incorporate fresh, locally grown and in-season blooms, a guiding pillar for all of my designs. Alongside these natural elements, I also incorporated roses, greenery, and foliage in the arrangement to create a soft, romantic color palette that complements the lush green surroundings. The choice of cohesive, warm tones is ideal for an outdoor seating area any time of year'.

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