Nate Berkus' Genius Formula for Dressing a Bed is so Simple but so Much More Elevated Than Plain Sheets

If you're looking to add some pattern to your bedroom but don't know where to start, Nate Berkus has got you covered

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During these winter months, you might be spending more time in your bedroom than usual, cozying up in bed with a good book or your favorite TV show. If you're anything like us at this will probably be inspiring you to think about which interior design trends you could start incorporating for a little refresh. A trend that lots of people dream about but sometimes feel apprehensive to try is introducing pattern into a room.

'People are always asking me: 'I just keep buying white sheets over and over - how do I add print to my bed?' says Nate Berkus, renowned interior designer with a knack for making any space feel airy and warm. In his latest top tip, Nate reveals how you can use layering to make a touch of pattern 'pop' in your modern bedroom without losing the calming, minimalist look.

How To Introduce Pattern To Your Bed

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Introducing pattern on your bed is a really easy interior change to make. Plus, if you then decide that it's not for you, it's much easier to change your bedsheets back than it is to re-paint an entire wall. So, what's the best strategy for patterned bedding?

Nate's golden formula is 2 pieces of pattern, the rest kept neutral. You don't want to overwhelm the room with lots of different patterns on large surface area items like a duvet. Starting with 2 accents, like boudoir pillows and a comforter, is Nate's number one way to approach a patterned bed.

'Layering a couple of different things' breaks up the boldness of the pattern, giving it a softer look. The comforter sits at the bottom of the bed whilst the accent pillows are higher up meaning the pattern doesn't overwhelm the space because 'the rest of the bed is entirely neutral,' says Nate.

Texture is another way of softening the patterned accents. Nate's patterned comforters in his home collection contrast the texture of the bedsheets, adding warmth and depth to the bed. 

'Just remember this formula: 1, 2 elements of print and the rest plain, add texture and then your bed will look beautiful every time,' instructs Nate. 

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