This Kitchen Trend Can Make Your Space Look Like a Charming, Tuscan Retreat — "It's Instantly Warming"

Limewash has a unique, textural quality that gives spaces a subtle but expressive effect. Here's how to use it to transform kitchens

A kitchen with limewash walls and marble counter
(Image credit: Arsight)

Limewash paint finish has been around for hundreds of years and for good reason. It is an earthy, eco-friendly, and versatile paint type, usually seen in old Italian villas and quaint French country cottages. Over the years, it has seen a revival in homes of all styles and sizes; TikTokers and Instagram influencers alike have DIY'd various looks with it and created stunning settings at home.

As experts suggest, this paint can be used in any type of aesthetic, and to prove that, have offered these modern kitchens as inspiration. Take a look at the different ways to use limewash paint and elevate your humble cook room.

1. Use limewash to add warmth to a single-tone kitchen

A kitchen with light pink walls and cabinets

(Image credit: Salva Lopez. Casa Soleto. Design: Andrew Trotter and Marcelo Martínez)

Limewash paint is neither a flat nor a uniform finish. It shows subtle brush strokes and makes a statement without being too overpowering. Plus, it works in all styles of spaces — from a modern farmhouse kitchen to a fresh, contemporary one.

'The lime-based plaster from Domingue Finishes that we used provides warmth, imperfection, and materiality, characteristics that we always seek in our designs,' says Andrew Trotter, founder of Studio Andrew Trotter.

One thing to note while using this finish: 'If the limewash is inert when dry, it's a great look as it provides a soft and aged appearance which adds to that lived-in look,' says Jane Lockhart, founder of Jane Lockhart Design. 'However, if it's a finish that can be reactivated when wet. So keep that in mind.'

2. Consider a colored limewash finish

A kitchen with pink limewash walls and concrete island

(Image credit: Ariadna Polo. Design: Jaque Studio)

If you're looking for a soothing, relaxing kitchen color, then you could consider limewash in other versatile yet soft tones such as pink, green, or rust. The tones will add a hint of softness and a lighthearted appeal to the room.

'Earthy tones remain a favorite choice when it comes to lime paint,' say Audur and Hjortur of Kalklitir. 'Neutral beiges and olive greens are standout choices for the spring season, offering versatility that complements a range of design styles and homes. This can easily be reflected in our best-selling colors; Palladio, Ecru & Oliva. Additionally, we see a notable demand for our darker, moodier colors, suggesting a trend towards richer tones for the year ahead.'

3. Pair limewash with veined marble

A kitchen with limewash walls and veined marble island

(Image credit: Arsight)

'Our goal was to emulate nature as much as possible, using its color palette in the interior,' says Artem Kropovinsky, founder & principal designer of Arsight . 'We aimed to incorporate natural materials reminiscent of a beach setting, using sand, clay, and stone as inspiration. We applied limewash on the walls and the ceiling to diversify the space, creating a beautiful backdrop. This allowed us to arrange other materials and colors perfectly, without the need for an accent wall color. This combination of different natural materials is what we liked, and we are pleased to have achieved this goal.'

'Other materials used include wood and fume veiny stone on the kitchen island and backsplash,' says Artem. 'These elements have different shades — some greenish, grayish, and brown, but together they form a beautiful arrangement.'

The two tone kitchen with colored marble and limewash will create the most visually striking space.

4. Add depth to a white kitchen with limewash

A kitchen with limewash walls and marble backsplash

(Image credit: Kalklitir)

Where traditional paint will look flatter, limewash paints can add extra dimension to an otherwise minimal white kitchen or a marble kitchen.

'This paint has great durability, evidenced by its enduring presence in old European buildings,' say Audur and Hjortur. 'Maintaining these walls is simple. Just apply a fresh layer if needed. Applying a new layer of lime paint requires no preparation, offering an opportunity to effortlessly update your space with a fresh coat of color and a rejuvenated appearance. For added protection, consider our VOC-free Top Coat—a clear, matte finish ideal for high-traffic areas like cooking spaces and around sinks.'

5. Pair limewash with modern fixtures

A kitchen with light pink limewash walls and brass fixtures

(Image credit: Kalklitir)

If you're remodeling a kitchen, and want to create the most well-balanced interior, consider pairing this organic, humble paint with shiny, modern hardware and fixtures. Against the backdrop of the textural limewash, you'll find that the brass and gold elements look especially eye-catching.

'Limewash paints have a skilled artisanship quality, which can't be emulated by standard mass-production methods,' says Guillaume Coutheillas, founder of frenchCALIFORNIA. 'We use this technique to achieve a textured, deeply nuanced effect.'

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