How to Decorate With Sherwin-Williams' Shade "Cascades", the Perfect Dark Green for Moody Schemes

Whether you want to color-drench using the opulent shade or intersperse smaller accents, these decorating tips will bring this color to life

A living room with a focal wall featuring Sherwin-Williams' 'cascades' paint
(Image credit: Sherwin-Williams)

Just when we think that green is on its way out, we dip back into this organically serene shade and remember that it's a colorful contemporary classic for a reason. We find greens to be naturally soothing and it's probably because of their innate ability to root a home to its surrounding environment by bringing earthy deep hues indoors, and this opulent yet moody paint shade is perfect for the job.

Color trends are everchanging but green is one that's been in the limelight long enough that it's cemented itself into the reliable color palettes of designers everywhere. We're always on the hunt for the popular shades of the season and so far, summer's coolest shade happens to be Sherwin-Williams' shade, 'Cascades'.

We spoke to a couple of experts who can't resist this charming green, and we can't either. Don't be surprised if you see this shade blanketing chic walls or dousing decor this season. Rich, moody, and absolutely alluring, 'cascades' is definitely going to be running the paint game this summer.

What color is 'cascades'?

A bathroom with a focal wall featuring Sherwin-Williams' 'cascades' paint

(Image credit: Sherwin-Williams)

'Cascades' is the kind of shade that'll have you hooked from the moment you first glance at it. It effortlessly captures your attention and transports the space with its jungle green hue while injecting the room with heaps of personality. Described as a dark, majestic green with swirls of gray, yellow, and blue undertones, this shade claims to add sophisticated mystique to any living space and we couldn't agree more.

According to Katelyn De Spain, founder of Makehouse Design Studio, 'cascades' is a captivating deep green-blue shade that evokes the feeling of being surrounded by lush forest and ocean vistas all at once. 'Not only are people able to bring the outdoors in with this hue, but it also saturates the room with color, which is already wildly trending at the moment,' she says.

On a similar note, interior designer Kathy Kuo defines 'cascades' as a really beautiful deep forest green that is equal parts upscale and organic. 'I love that even though this is a darker hue, it doesn't feel heavy or claustrophobic,' notes Kathy. 'It's really the interior paint equivalent to a long walk in an evergreen forest.'

We were curious to know more about the sudden incline in interest around this gorgeous shade and interiors expert Nina Lichtenstein pointed out that as people seek more serene and grounding environments in their homes, this shade perfectly fits the bill. 'Its deep, jewel-toned quality brings feelings of luxury and depth, making it a standout choice in contemporary design,' she notes. 'And 'cascades' offers a refreshing departure from the more common neutrals and pastels, providing a bold yet comforting backdrop.'

Ways to decorate with Sherwin-Williams' shade 'Cascades'

Paint the walls and trim

A home office with Sherwin-Williams' 'Cascades' paint on the walls, prints on the wall, a pink couch, and a beige sofa chair by a dark desk

(Image credit: Revkah Design)

When it comes to decorating with green, Katelyn recommends painting both the walls and trim this beautiful tone, and pairing it with a brass light fixture for a dramatically glamorous look. 'I also find that natural wood accents, such as white oak or walnut, are a harmonious match with this shade,' she says. 'Orange and terracotta hues could also bring out the warmth in its cool undertones and create a truly balanced palette.'

Pair with warm metallic accents

A home office with Sherwin-Williams' 'Cascades' paint on the walls with large windows, a beige sofa chair by a black desk and a wooden book shelf

(Image credit: Revkah Design)

Tying into the metallic decor trend of 2024, Nina tells us that gold, brass, and copper accents pair perfectly with this hue, enhancing its luxurious appeal. 'These metallics can be introduced through lighting fixtures, hardware, and decorative accessories,' says Nina.

If you're looking for other colors that go with green that contrast with this moody shade, Nina suggests interspersing shades of crisp whites and neutrals throughout the room. And if you're keeping in touch with the playful side of design, she tells us that you can't go wrong with soft pastel shades, such as blush pink, lavender, and pale blue for a delicate contrast.

Don't hold back

A living room with a focal wall featuring Sherwin-Williams' 'cascades' paint

(Image credit: Sherwin-Williams)

According to Nina, this shade thrives in natural light as it reveals the color's rich undertones and gives it an ever-changing dynamic finish as the light brightens and fades through the day. However, she also finds warm lighting to be a great friend to the color. 'Soft, warm lighting enhances the cozy and inviting nature of 'Cascades', making it ideal for living rooms and bedrooms,' says Nina. 'Consider using warm-toned LED bulbs or dimmable lights to create a relaxing bedroom ambiance.'

Revkah Gordon, founder of Revkah Design, tells us that the versatility of this opulent green shade makes it easy to style in most rooms of a home. 'Whether used in a living room, bedroom, home office, or dining room, "Cascades" has the power to transform spaces into elegant and inviting havens,' she says. 'By carefully considering lighting, complementary colors, and styling tips, you can create a beautifully cohesive and sophisticated interior that showcases the best of this stunning shade.'

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