This architect’s kitchen has a genius idea to extend its countertop space that every small kitchen should copy

In this family home, a beautiful kitchen sink and countertop share an innovative multi-purpose use that makes the most of the available space and looks very chic while doing so too

Kitchen with large windows, dark cabinets, wood island and leather seat stools
(Image credit: Ryan Garvin. Design: Brandon Architects and Brooke Wagner Design)

In areas of the home where function is so important, I love a creative design solution that has more than one purpose and simultaneously makes the best use of space while looking good too. 

One of the most important aspects of a modern kitchen is the countertop space. Between needing space to prep food, drop shopping bags, place some decorative items, and maybe even double up as a desk for someone doing their homework, most of us will probably agree that there can never be too much countertop surface in a kitchen. 

So when I saw what is effectively a three-in-one solution in this architect’s home, I was pleasantly surprised to find that such a straightforward idea achieves so much and looks so pretty. I’m now definitely convinced I need this in my house, and that it can work for every small kitchen in need of extra prep space. 

The kitchen sink and countertop multi-purpose solution  

marble kitchen sink covered with marble top in continuation of the worktops

(Image credit: Ryan Garvin. Design: Brandon Architects and Brooke Wagner Design)

When Christopher Brandon, founder of Brandon Architects designed this home, with the help of interior design studio Brooke Wagner Design, for his wife, and their two children, it was with the purpose to enjoy for years to come. As such, practicality was a must. 

Go into the kitchen and you might have to look twice before you spot the sink amongst the vast marble countertop space. Upon a closer look, you will notice the most ingenious trick. The actual sink is covered with a piece of marble that perfectly blends in with the kitchen countertop, creating a smooth surface in continuation of the countertop space. Through small incisions left and right, it can be pulled up to uncover the beautiful sink, also made of the same marble. All elements blend in seamlessly to create a multi-functional area.  

marble sink

(Image credit: Ryan Garvin. Design: Brandon Architects and Brooke Wagner Design)

‘It was my wife's idea,’ Brandon tells me. ‘She loves to entertain and she wanted to have a beautiful sink to fill with ice and drinks during parties. She also wanted to keep the functionality of having a full countertop. This kitchen idea evolved into this integrated marble sink which is a space optimizer, aesthetically beautiful, and also a conversation starter,’ he tells me.

Granted this solution needs to be custom-built, but with a bit of effort comes a great reward and when it looks this good, I encourage you to consider it next time you're remodeling a kitchen

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