This Shade of Green is a Designers' Secret for an Expensive-Looking Space — Here's What to Pair With It

Complement this beautiful jewel-tone with the right colors and you'll create an elevated room with ease

A living room with emerald green chair and deep blue carpet
(Image credit: Uchronia)

If you pick the right colors that go with emerald green, it really is a shade that can add richness to your space. While this color does have a natural leaning - think glossy leaves and the gemstone - it has a grander, more grown-up feel to it than many other tones of green that can help elevate your scheme.

However, it can be more challenging to pair other colors with emerald green. So what should you pick? We asked designers and color experts for their pick of the colors that go with green in bold emerald shades. Here's what they recommended.

1. Red

A living room with dark green sofa and red door

(Image credit:  Estudio Reciente)

When it comes to colors that go with red, emerald green can work surprisingly well. The two tones sit opposite each other on the color wheel and their pairing is stark and eye-catching. In fact, red looks more brilliant next to green, as compared to any other tone.

If you are worried that the two colors may seem a bit too overwhelming, perhaps use them as accent tones instead of painting entire rooms in this hue. Also, consider a more earthy red to ground the scheme, like in this clever project by Estudio Recente.

'Dark green and red have a presence throughout this project,' says Carlos Tomás of  Estudio Reciente. 'On the one hand, the terracotta color is used for the passage areas of the house creating transitions between spaces and the green appears highlighting singular elements as in this case the bench and the lamp.'

2. Blue

A living room with emerald green chair and deep blue carpet

(Image credit: Uchronia)

Green and blue is often considered a controversial pairing, but given how they exist in nature, it's actually an easy match. Thesehues can invigorate tired interiors and give them a touch of inspiration. The two colors are adjacent on the color wheel and blend and harmonize well due to their similarities.

From super pale, and earthy to jewel-tone green, many colors go with blue and help create a wonderful layering.

'In a rich, emerald green interior, consider a deep, almost black navy to create maximum impact,' says Lucie Ayres, founder and partner at 22 Interiors.

3. Gray

A bedroom with emerald green and grey furnishings

(Image credit: Uchronia)

True gray (or achromatic gray) is a combination of black, white, red, green, and blue. Cool grays are usually blue, green, or violet, while warm grays are pinkish or brown and may have yellow tones.

Emerald green can be a great companion for gray and is a great color that goes with dark gray. For an earthy scheme, consider adding more nature-inspired tones such as brown, beige, and ochre, for a calming space.

If emerald green feels a little too bold for your scheme, consider a paler version with charcoal gray. 'You could also play with their pastel tones for a more energetic interior,' says Amy Krane, architectural color consultant and founder of Amy Krane Color. 'The softness of pastels makes green versatile and livable. Combine it with darker colors and you have a well-balanced interior.'

4. Brown

A corner in a bedroom with green stool and wallpaper, and dark brown wood cabient

(Image credit: Bess Friday. Studio credit K Interiors)

Emerald green is among the colors that go with brown, too — a combination seen abundantly in nature. This is a combination that has stood the test of time, and several varying shades of brown and green too work together and look timeless.

'We love to pair rich jewel tones with earth colors to ground the color in the space,' says Kristen Pena of K Interiors. 'We believe that without earth tones in combination, bright colors feel a little a little more chaotic and we always aim for calm in our spaces.'

5. Peach

A passageway with a peach door and emerald green interior

(Image credit: Derek Swalwel. Studio credit Studio Doherty)

Emerald green goes well with peach. The two bright tones can together glam up a space and inject energy and character, but as the two colors are quite dominating, it's best to use them in smaller spaces to give them a jewel box feel.

'Confident use of color from the 1980s era is celebrated and brings this home to life,' says Mardi Doherty, director at Studio Doherty. 'A sitting room, the ‘green room’ has a vivid green across all walls, bespoke cabinetry, and flooring; a nod to the bold use of color used in 1980s design. The striking peach sliding door allows the room to be closed for privacy or left open for a flowing configuration.'

6. Beige

A bedroom with emerald green walls and beige bedding

(Image credit: Francois Coquerel. Studio credit Hauvette Madani)

Emerald green doesn't always need to be a shiny, glittery tone. Choose a darker, more dusty version of it to create moodiness. To further ground it, use it as a color that goes with beige. To ensure that the room doesn't feel too gloomy with the two organic tones, bring in plenty of natural light for the ideal indoor-outdoor environment.

'Emerald green is technically a more traditional color however it has been a bit dormant in design until recently,' says Lucie. 'Using it is unexpected and bold and feels fresh and very of the moment. If the bright version feels a bit much, consider the darker, more grounded tone of emerald to enhance the dramatic nature of this beautiful color.'

3 paints to pair with emerald green

Aditi Sharma Maheshwari

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