5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Box Bedroom — 'It Makes Decluttering So Much Easier'

These box bedroom storage ideas will transform this petite, humble room into a practical and comfortable space ideal for all functions

A small bedroom with a built in bed and storage
(Image credit: Matti Gresham Photography. Studio credit Urbanology Designs)

Small bedrooms get a bad rap but these box bedroom storage ideas are testimony to how much more you can do with tiny spaces if you think creatively. With the right storage units, built-ins, and organizers, you can save this space from the impending build up of mess, and have extra room to put things from the rest of your house. It makes decluttering so much easier if you get this room right..

To help you through the process, we reached out to top experts who shared easy and practical ideas for these small bedrooms. Take a look, learn, and implement.

1. Make use of the vertical space

Design by Amy Lau

(Image credit: Mark Roskams)

A good way to make the most of the box bedroom is to take a good look at the small bedroom layout. Are assessing all corners and areas for storage?

'It's essential to use the height of the room and not just the length and width with a box bedroom,' says Lucie Ayres, founder of 22 Interiors. 'So consider floating shelves on walls that create opportunities for pretty display and also storage. We like to do beds with drawers underneath to maximize the space.'

2. Build in your storage

A small box bedroom with a built-in bed with vertical storage

(Image credit: Matti Gresham Photography. Studio credit Urbanology Designs)

Customization is the name of the game. For small bedroom storage ideas, consider building bespoke solutions specific to your room's dimensions to maximize space. You can also fit in more internal solutions within built-ins such as a hidden vanity space, a dressing table, and more.

'Consider investing in customized built-in storage solutions tailored to your specific space,' says Ginger Curtis, CEO and founder of Urbanology Designs. 'This could involve floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, built-in closets, or even niche shelving. Customization allows for efficient use of every inch available.'

3. Choose beds with storage

A small bedroom with pull out drawers under the bed

(Image credit: Mike Makarenko. Studio credit Rusudan Tumanishvili)

'Beds with built-in drawers are excellent for storing items like linens, blankets, or out-of-season clothing,' says Ginger. 'If your bed doesn't have storage, utilize under-bed storage containers or invest in bed risers to create additional space beneath the bed.'

Some of the best beds for small bedrooms include divans, Murphy beds, and box beds that hold plenty of opportunities for more storage. Although some of these beds may have limited style options, functionally they offer plenty.

4. Go for open shelves to create a light interior

A small bedroom with open storage

(Image credit: Studio Canius Degenaar)

If you want to give your bedroom a feeling of breeziness and openness then instead of boxy, large cabinets you could consider open shelves and door-less units. While this will help create lighter visuals, you will have to ensure these shelves are always neat and orderly since their contents will always be out on display.

'Multiple space-saving solutions combined with a light and warm material palette define the spaciousness of this tiny room,' say Eline Degenaar and Peter, founders of Studio Canius Degenaar. 'Open shelves are located on either end of the walls, with objects on display that give character to the spaces.'

'Open shelves or stylish storage baskets can also help keep the space organized and visually appealing,' says Ginger. 'Remember, practicality and beauty can coexist in design. By implementing these tips, you can maximize storage in small spaces while creating a stylish and functional environment.'

5. Choose multipurpose furniture pieces

A bedroom with a large cane basket used as a table top and for storing bedroom clutter

(Image credit: Allyson Lubow. Studio credit Joshua Smith Inc)

By using multipurpose pieces you can make a small bedroom look bigger, and also open it up for many other purposes other than sleeping.

Make sure your furniture is on the right scale for your space and is multi-use. A sofa-cum-bed can help a great deal. Folding desks, large wicker baskets that double as ottomans and contain the bedroom paraphernalia, and hidden bedroom storage pieces are a good way to go as well.

In a box bedroom, with multi-use pieces, you can convert this space into a guest room, a nursery, a media room, or even a reading room.

3 Storage Solutions for Box Bedrooms

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