4 Sherwin Williams Neutrals That Will Work for Every Living Room

No matter the style of your living room décor, there will be a Sherwin Williams color that will complement it perfectly. Here are the four most versatile neutral colors to try out, according to experts

Living room with green feature wall, leather sofa and wooden beams
(Image credit: Sherwin Williams)

When picking a living room color, you want to think as versatile as possible. This will allow you to change up your furniture and accessories without having to redecorate, and it will be easier to keep your design relevant in the face of passing trends. Luckily, Sherwin Williams has the four most perfect and versatile colors that work well no matter your living room style.

‘Living rooms are so different in each household, it really depends on the kind of environment each homeowner wants to create in the space,’ says Sherwin Williams color expert Emily Kantz. ‘For example, do they want a cozy living room where the family gathers around to watch a movie, or do they want an inviting space to host guests?’ she asks. Whether you're into the latest trends or not, if you’re looking to achieve a bright, cozy, or modern look, here are the living room colors you can’t go wrong with. 

1. Snowbound SW 7004

living room with white wall and furniture and black window frames

(Image credit: Sherwin Williams)

For those who prefer the classic look of a luminous home, an elegant off-white will always be a good choice in a living room. ‘If homeowners want to achieve an airier look, they can’t go wrong with a cool white like Snowbound SW 7004,’ says Emily.

It has a subtle grey undertone and will look sophisticated paired with other grey based tones, or for a bit of color, with a subtle purple like Autum Orchid SW 9157. ‘Snowbound is such a versatile color that allows the room-to-room flow to feel seamless so all of your decor and furnishings can live together happily!,’ adds the color expert.

2. Iron Ore SW 7069

dark grey millwork in living room with brown leather accent chair

(Image credit: Sherwin Williams)

If you’re looking for a bit more drama, a charcoal grey is a simultaneously modern and timeless living room color option to try. If you’re worried about painting all your walls in the color, try it out as an accent on your room’s woodwork first. ‘Personally, I love recommending dark colors for living rooms, such as Iron Ore SW 7069, a cool, deep and mysterious charcoal,’ Emily tells us. ‘Dark colors are ideal to lend a touch of elegance and drama in rooms used for entertaining guests,’ she says. 

Think about accessorizing with brass details and soft textiles like gold, blue, or rust toned velvet for a more maximalist look. And if you want to brighten up the space, use a coordinating shade like Nebulous White SW 7063 which has a slight blue undertone.

3. Dover White SW 6385

living room with off-white walls and sofa with blue accent cushions

(Image credit: Emily O'Brien. Design: Megan Healy Design)

Another white to keep on your radar is this warm shade that feels almost sun-kissed. It’s very welcoming and versatile and will work well in rooms where natural materials and textures are predominant. ‘A perfect color for any living room is Dover White SW 6385 because it is bright but neutral, and reads warm without being too yellow,’ says interior designer Megan Healy.

‘This color is super easy to pair with, whether you are going with a neutral palette or pops of color, it will blend easily with your design scheme,’ she tells us. Pairing Dover White with a deep, ‘rain soaked’ blue like Sherwin Williams’ Waterloo SW 9141 will create a calming environment that is far from boring, while pairing it with a natural yellow-orange like Dakota Wheat SW 9023 will give a very joyful look that won’t be overpowering. 

4. Evergreen Fog SW 9130

Living room with green feature wall, leather sofa and wooden beams

(Image credit: Sherwin Williams)

If you’re not too sure how to describe this color, I wouldn’t blame you. Versatile and calming, Evergreen Fog sits at the intersection between green, grey, and a touch of blue. Which makes it very natural looking, and therefore easy to live with, especially if you want to add a bit of color to your space without going overboard.

‘For homeowners who want to add a bit of color to their living room, I recommend Evergreen Fog SW 9130, a soothing green with subtle gray undertones that provides a nature-like feel in any space,’ Emily tells me. ‘The green is a standout but does not overpower a room when painting all four walls, making it the ideal pop of color for a living room,’ she adds. Think of pairing it with Ethereal White SW 6182 if you want to give the space more brightness.  

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