5 Bathroom Lighting Trends for 2024 — "These Transform The Room Into A Sanctuary of Style and Comfort"

These bathroom lighting trends highlight shapes, materials and installation styles that will set the tone for an interesting and spa-like space

A bathroom with a thin, minimalistic pendant/chandelier
(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design Chango & Co)

Want to refresh your bathroom design? These bathroom lighting trends for 2024 should be on your radar. After all, good lighting not only serves a functional purpose but also plays a crucial role in creating a calming interior, while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. Just changing up the fixtures can transform the space!

No matter the size of your bathroom, these on-trend shapes, finishes, and special fixtures will fill your room with timeless style and a warm glow. Take a look at these expert-recommended bathroom lighting ideas and add your favorite ones to your cart.

1. Long light bars above vanity

A whilte bathroom with a light bar above the mirror

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design: Jeremiah Brent Design)

When choosing the best bathroom vanity lighting, experts suggest going in for fixtures that cast even illumination. To that end, light bars give off even brightness without visual interruption and add lovely light layering to a modern bathroom.

'For a transitional or modern design, a sleek and minimal vanity light is a beautiful contribution,' says Keri Lainas, owner & principal designer at Keri Michelle Interiors. 'This adds a touch of visual interest but is also functional. It's important to focus on functionality over aesthetics with vanity lights to avoid shading or bad lighting for your face.'

'Light bars provide sleek and even lighting, and retain their allure by effortlessly merging with diverse decor styles, offering practical lighting for grooming tasks,' says Lauren Lerner, CEO and founder of Living with Lolo. 'With timeless designs, they stand as versatile and elegant enhancements to any bathroom setting.'

2. Artistic and minimalistic pendants

A bathroom with a thin, minimalistic pendant/chandelier

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design Chango & Co)

'A timeless bathroom lighting fixture is pendants in classic materials like glass or metal...or both!' says Lauren. 'You could even go in for smaller chandeliers in these finishes.'

Bathroom pendant lights are multipurpose fixtures as these can be hung by a corner just to add a decorative touch, or in the middle of the room to fill in as task lighting. While these have been a big bathroom trend for a while, designs in sleek, minimalist shapes and in glass and metal are becoming a favorite amongst homeowners as these add a clean touch to the room, and can easily adapt to any style of interior. Plus they rarely look dated.

3. Round chandeliers above the bathtub

A bathroom with a round, beaded chandelier above the bathtub

(Image credit: Life Created. Design: Living with Lolo)

Who doesn't love a bathroom chandelier? This fixture usually seen in high-end properties and hotels effortlessly adds a grand touch to a bathroom of any size and takes it from bland to beautiful. In the latest trends in chandeliers, experts suggest that supersized designs are on the decline.

'Lighting over a bathtub is such a fun and playful way to add the final 'ta-dah' moment to your bathroom,' says Keri. 'In terms of shape, something round or beaded versus rectangular is typically a good choice at the moment. A small, beautiful chandelier over the bathtub can tie your entire design together.'

4. Brass sconces

A bathroom in muted tones, with white and brass sconces installed next to the mirror

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design: Chango & Co)

Fixtures in decorative or gleaming finishes can add to the bathroom wall ideas, and also cast a soft glow in the room. Sconces are great fixtures to add next to the mirror or above the WC, and can inject dimension to the room. Plus, they look especially great against a dark bathroom wallpaper or a painted wall.

'I love using pairs of decorative sconces in brass, as they don't always need to match the finish of your taps,' shares interior architect, Cormac Lynch. 'In fact, sometimes it's nicer if they don't. I think these sorts of lights add character to any bathroom. Of course, lights need to be IP44 rated so they are safe to use in bathrooms.'

5. Decorative lampshades

A bathroom with overhead lighting

(Image credit: Nate Cook. Design: Takk Studio)

When it comes to bathroom wall lighting, nothing looks as charming as wall or ceiling lamps. These especially look quaint in a small bathroom or a powder room that sits within the home like a jewel box. Experts suggest that this year, designs with colored or patterned lampshades are going to be big.

'Decorative shades in the bathroom look charming,' says Cormac. 'Think of little hand-painted metal shades, glass hurricane shades, or even patterned fabric ones.'

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