This Viral $15 Amazon Buy is the Ultimate Privacy Hack for Good-Looking Glass Doors and Windows

With this fluted glass window film, you won't have to choose between natural light and privacy ever again. How's that for a summer win?

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The summer sun is too beautiful to miss this time of year. After a winter of 4:30 pm sunsets, nothing feels better than watching that golden glow drench every corner of your home until night finally takes over, beckoning you to sleep until the day begins again.

For my family (at least growing up), this meant leaving our front door open so that those gorgeous July rays could stream in uninterrupted, stopped not by a giant wooden gateway but refracted through a second glass door meant instead to keep bugs at bay. As the day passed, the afternoon sun would first warm the floor in the foyer (decorated with items from all the best home decor brands, of course) before illuminating the kitchen at lunch. As you ate your 12pm turkey sandwich, taking a break from the heat, you didn't need to turn on the lights; the sun was doing all the work for you, and doing it better.

The downside here, of course, was that you could see from the street right into our entryway, where, at any given time, we could be found donning and doffing shoes, greeting visitors, or doling out hugs. Nothing particularly scandalous was happening so we didn't mind all that much, but not everyone is so apathetic.

Indeed, it is understandable to find yourself torn between the glow and warmth of solar power and the desire for privacy that windows and glass doors simply do not beget. The most top-of-mind solution is probably curtains, but that creates another problem: no more sunlight. So what are you to do? Elena Lohse, the interior design lover and content creator behind @thishouse5000, has the perfect hack.

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Faced with a glass-paneled kitchen door that opens up into what I can assume is a shared space, Elena decided to get crafty rather than sacrifice her privacy for light or vice versa. Instead of doing nothing or hanging a curtain, Elena and her husband instead installed a static-cling fluted-glass window adhesive that's also removeable and reusable (which means it's renter-friendly!). The frosted, hazy pattern is not only design-forward, adding a customized touch to a likely inherited door, but it's also near-impossible to see through, save for a few colored blobs on the other side. Most importantly, however, it still allows for light (while simultaneously filtering out strong rays), which means you needn't sacrifice good vibes for peace of mind.

These nifty panels start at just $7.99 for a 17.5"x78.7" roll, so it's a budget-friendly upgrade, too. Go for the fluted look for something more antique, or stick with something akin to frosted glass but without the hassle. Whichever you pick, the summer is already off to an excellent start.

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