This beautiful home in an Italian valley is at one with the surrounding nature and is the most ideal holiday setting

Taking inspiration from the area’s heritage and natural surroundings this home is an homage to a slower type of living

modern rustin living room in white with natural wood elements
(Image credit: Martin Morell. Design: James Thurstan Waterworth)

Most of us, especially busy city dwellers, dream of holidays in sunny lands abroad. We long to escape the noise of the city and be at one with nature. I have discovered this perfect location in the Italian countryside. A home that was lovingly designed with respect for the local heritage and taking inspiration from the landscape around it with soft tones and textures that are so calming, you’d be forgiven for not wanting to ever leave. 

If you're contemplating how to move to the country, let me take you on a tour of Masseria Pistola. A very special modern home for a family overlooking stunning views of the beautiful Canale Di Pirro Valley in Puglia. I’m warning you though, it might make you want to pack a bag and head for Italy straight away. 

The Masseria  

rustic bedroom with bathtub

(Image credit: Martin Morell. Design: James Thurstan Waterworth)

This incredibly stylish and charming countryside property, Masseria Pistola, is hidden within a 30-hectare estate and surrounded by stunning gardens, was brought to life by entrepreneur and owner Constant Tedder. 

Judging by its beauty and clear attention to detail that went into the design of every nook and cranny, it was a team effort. 

With the help of former European designer of SoHo House, James Thurstan Waterwoorth and Puglian-based English architect, Anthony Filmer, along with local architect, Andrea Rodio, Masseria Pistola is an homage to its past finely balanced with subtle elements that allow for contemporary living. 

Merging chic and traditional finishings it’s both an inspiration in design and an oasis of calm. 

 The design 

rustic bedroom with apparent brick walls

(Image credit: Martin Morell. Design: James Thurstan Waterworth)

I learn that Puglian homes are often based around farming and cattle, and Thurstan seamlessly blended this history with decorative details such as purposefully leaving the original wall hooks throughout the house that were once used to tether the farm animals.

If you’re looking to design your home in this Puglian style take Thurstan’s advice and go for a pared-back approach. Imagine a form of modern rustic decor, if you will, where there are just enough elements to make the environment warm and perfectly livable while removing anything distracting or unnecessary.

The environment  

Italian patio with seating and plants

(Image credit: Martin Morell. Design: James Thursten Waterworth)

The specific Puglian climate and the surrounding landscape of olive trees, together with the access to the Mediterranean Sea, meant that the design expanded into the Giardini Pistola - the gardens - and created a beautiful indoors-outdoor transition. 

Whether you’re inside the Masseria, or in the Giardini, there is the same comforting feeling of being at one with nature. 

When decorating with the aim to create synergy between the indoors and the outdoors, Thurstan advises using natural materials, such as linens, mixed with antique pieces, which is a way of subtly utilizing materials from nature alongside your interior elements. If you need inspiration for natural living room ideas to implement at home, look no further than the design at this Masseria. 

The heart of the home  

rustic kitchen with long wooden dining table

(Image credit: Martin Morell. Design: James Thurstan Waterworth)

At the heart of the Puglian home is the kitchen. Thurstan celebrated this in his design by incorporating not one, but three kitchens, where colorful and authentic dishes can be cooked using the finest locally-sourced ingredients. 

The space is a great example of a rustic farmhouse kitchen that has a relaxed and contemporary living feel. 

A home at one with nature 

rustic bathroom with stone sink

(Image credit: Martin Morell. Design: Justin Thurstan Waterworth)

From the living spaces to the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, nature is not only a part of this home but it is celebrated through every single element of design. 

The result is a breathtaking experience where you are transported into a calmer, slower paced, and more beautiful world. 

Raluca Racasan
News writer

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