Revealed: Cosmos are 2021’s most popular flower – florists share how to care for this stylish bloom

We’re falling for the flower of order and harmony at a time when we crave it the most

Cosmos flowers in a vase
(Image credit: Marjan Cermelj / Alamy Stock Photo)

This year, the appeal behind Cosmos is unsurprising. Synonymous with tranquility and peace, these blooms restore harmony into uncertain days and bring pockets of pastel hues into our homes in the process. 

Therefore, it is only fitting that Cosmos were crowned the most popular flower of the year, following a recent study into floral trends. According to the research, these petals are dominating current flower trends, including the craze for cut flower gardens that was recently a staple at RHS’s Hampton Court Garden Festival. 

The report from Flowercard announced Cosmos had received 566,400 more searches than the previous year – making them more popular than Narcissuses and Hydrangeas that were also amongst the top three. 

Pink and white Cosmos in a vase

Cosmos designed by Sarah Raven, available online. 

(Image credit: Photography © Jonathan Buckley)

‘According to Floriography (the Victorian language of flowers), Cosmos is broadly considered to symbolize order and harmony. Perhaps due to the harmonious shape of the petals,’ explains celebrity florist Larry Walshe in his discussion of the trending bloom. 

‘These cheerful blooms are packed with joy and character and are beautiful when mixed with other flower types for a hugely textural and detail-rich flower arrangement,’ he adds. 

However, their fitting symbolism is not the only driving force behind their success. Product Design Manager at Interflora, Vicky Salmon, also suggests that the newfound rise in weddings is similarly to blame for the craze. 

Cosmos designed by Sarah Raven

Cosmos designed by Sarah Raven, available online.

(Image credit: Photography © Jonathan Buckley)

Cosmos are most commonly used within wedding bouquets and floral work. In 2021 we’ve seen the popularity of the flower increase as weddings return after being postponed during the pandemic,’ she says.

Though, while we may understand the reasons behind their popularity, another burning question remains. How do you care for the flower of the moment? Here, the experts share their design ideas.

‘Cosmos make fantastic cut flowers that last seven to ten days in a vase, with no conditioning needed,’ explains florist Sarah Raven. ‘Pick fresh and place straight into water. Just remember not to pick in the heat of the day,’ she adds.

Cosmos in terracotta vases

(Image credit: A.D.Fletcher / Alamy Stock Photo)

Larry also adds his care tips– reminding us that ‘cosmos are incredibly delicate flowers and should be treated with the utmost care.’

Cosmos do not like being added to floral foam and are most content when in a vase of crystal clear water,’ he explains. 

‘Make sure to select an adequately sized vase to support their fragile stems and add in some other flowers to support them further. Petit and incredibly pretty, they will enliven any arrangement with their expressive and cheerful nature,’ Larry adds. 

Cosmos in a glass vase

(Image credit: Marjan Cermelj / Alamy Stock Photo)

This weekend, we’re following Larry’s interior design ideas and bringing these trending jewels into our homes, one small vase at a time. 

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