Chic, Family-Friendly Design Ideas For Stylish Family Homes

Fun, functional and fabulous design ideas that work for the whole family...

From how to hide a TV to how to zone an open-plan space, we’ve found the most stylish family friendly ideas from the Livingetc archives, and spoken to interior design experts on how to nail communal living with the kids.

Storage is key; for example a trunk that can be used as both a coffee table and as a storage piece for hiding away ugly plastic toys. If you have open shelving, use inexpensive baskets as catch-all spaces for paraphernalia. Position them on lower shelves so your children learn where their toys belong – and perhaps even start tidying up after themselves!

Upholstered ottomans are safer in homes with small children than coffee tables; the soft edges of an ottoman make it less likely that someone will get hurt if they take a tumble.

Hard floors are more practical than carpet; young children will subject your flooring to plenty of spills, so it’s more practical to go for easy-to-clean wooden floors, which you can then soften with big rugs.

People often think you can’t use white paint when you have a family, but that’s not true. Opt for a low-gloss paint as it wipes down easily. Got your eye on a pretty wallpaper? The ceiling is often the perfect place. It looks fantastic and you won’t have to keep replacing it because it’s been ripped.

Wondering what to do about the TV dominating a family space? You could divert attention away from your TV by placing an expensive piece of art next to it or surrounding it with colour-coordinated books, or blend it into the background by setting it against a dark wall or surrounding it with pictures to make it part of a gallery display.

Got the budget for something bespoke? Take things to the next level with a sliding bookcase that hides the TV completely.

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An open-plan kitchen, living and dining area is great for a family. An open-plan area means you can spend quality time as a family while also monitoring screen time or helping with homework. Make the space work hard by zoning it. Partitions, curtains and sliding or folding doors give flexibility, allowing for intimate spaces that can be opened up when you want to spend time as a family. Backless shelving can be used to create a partition, but still allows light to pass through (f you have small children, consider screwing down the shelves to prevent any accidents).

Durability and longevity are important factors to consider too. Interior design duo the Novogratz don’t recommend that you buy children’s furniture: ‘It’s a waste of money because children grow so quickly. Invest in longevity with adult furniture – just be mindful what you choose. For instance, look out for sofas with washable slip covers or curtains in a durable fabric’.

Choose sofas and chairs with removable covers or stain-guarding upholstery for easy care. You could also go for outdoor fabrics in high-traffic areas – these fabrics tend to be stain resistant and wick spills.

Last but not least, don’t just design for your children. Create a space for the whole family – and that includes you! For a sense of balance, offset each ‘kid thing’ with something fabulous, like an ornate mirror or a high-end piece of art.

And when it comes to lighting, invest in dimmers. That way, once the children are in bed, you can turn down the lights for a more adult atmosphere.

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