12 of the Best Yellow Bedding Sets — Embrace This Trending Color in Your Bedroom

Yellow bedding sets are a great way to make your bed a focal point of your room, while keeping the energy calm and comforting

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The sun, pineapples, and bees. What do they all have in common? Each of these items is yellow. It's also on trend, yellow was recently crowned the color of Gen-Z, a departure from Millennial pink. So, it's a punchy hue that we'll be seeing more of. It is a color that can divide opinion though,  this light and joyful hue can feel like a bit over an overwhelming bedding choice for some.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Depending on your choice of yellow bedding, you can dial up the optimism or create a more muted statement.

To help you get your yellow right, we've looked at our favorite home decor stores and found you the best bedding sets in this sunny hue. If you need bedding inspiration, you can have a look through our best bedding feature for the insight of interior designers and experts, alongside a selection of our best bedding picks.

1. Best Yellow Patterned Bedding

2. Best Yellow Contemporary Bedding

3. Best Yellow Linen Bedding

4. Best Yellow Cotton Bedding

How do I choose the perfect yellow bedding?

The perfect yellow bedding isn’t really the right way to look at this. It has to be YOUR perfect yellow bedding. Pastel yellows like lemon or canary yellow fit well into more traditional or open spaces and work particularly well with white. The bolder yellows like sunshine or ochre are more versatile in that they can be matched with darker walls (think inky blues or emerald greens) as well as warmer tones (terracotta or clay-like colors). 'Go for more golden, mustard tones,' says Australian interior designer, Greg Natale.

The benefit of golden hues that Natale recommends is their ability to add a glow and sense of light to your interior without feeling as stark or predictable as white or cream. Once you’ve found your perfect yellow bedding, remember to consider how to keep your yellow burning bright by reading the care instructions. Specifically, if you’ve gone for yellow linen as it needs to be kept out of sunlight when drying to preserve its color.

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