The 12 Best West Elm Dining Tables Are So On-Trend and Feel So Convivial — Shop My Edit

West Elm dining tables are truly the cream of the crop. Whether you like them round, oval, or rectangular, a chic option awaits you below

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What is there to love about a West Elm dining table? Boy, am I glad you asked. A West Elm dining table is design-forward, with a timeless appeal that defies its contemporary aesthetic. It is functional, despite its showstopping look, and accessible to all, if not a bit expensive (but only because it is so well-made, of course).

Now that I’ve compiled a West Elm editor’s choice (a round-up in which I shamelessly gush about my love for the brand), I thought I’d spend a bit more time diving into a specific category I love: West Elm dining tables. The dining table is like the coffee table’s older sister — it’s the focal point of the room, but it has to be functional, as well. And on a much larger scale than a coffee table might be.

'When buying a dining room table, we recommend considering the design of the base of the table and how it will accommodate the amount of chairs needed at max capacity,' says Andrea West of Andrea West Design. 'We often select pedestal base tables when needing larger dining tables for larger groups. Also consider the size of your room when selecting the size of your table to allow enough room for walking past a seated guest.'

So get those dinner party invitations ready — it’s time to find your new dining table.

Best West Elm Rectangular Dining Tables

Best West Elm Round Dining Tables

Best West Elm Oval Dining Tables

Best West Elm Expandable Dining Tables

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How should I decide which style of dining room table is right for me?

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As you can see by the above, there are plenty of different styles of dining tables even at the same retailer. So how do you know which is best for your space?

Andrea recommends choosing one that 'goes along with the rest of your home,' she tells me. 'If you’re drawn to cleaner lines and have a more modern home, select a dining table that has very linear and clean lines to go along with this.'

Moreover, you should also 'consider the usage and how many people you will host at a time to determine the best base for your lifestyle.'

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