I’m Livingetc's Editor and I Know Gifting - These 39 Timeless Presents Will Impress Anyone Who Is Tricky to Buy For

These timeless presents all go along way to making a home a more wonderful place to live in - from the perfect French Press to the a pitcher that's a work of art

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(Image credit: Urban Outfitters, H&M, Parachute, Saks Fifth Avenue, Society6)

Christmas shopping doesn't have to be laborious. I've learned over the years that if you focus on timeless gifts - pieces that will never go out of style and never stop being wonderful to be around - then almost anyone will be delighted to receive them.

As Livingetc's editor I'm lucky enough to be looking at decor and design all day. The best that the world's creative minds have to offer, and the wisest buys from stores with all mass appeal. So when I say I know what makes the perfect wine glass, or perfect candle holder, it's because I've thought about how it will be used, what shapes it will create on the table, what light refractions it might cause. And these gifts from the best home decor stores, below, ought to please anyone who is lucky enough to have you buy them for them.

39 Timeless Presents to Shop Now