12 of the Best Luxury King-Size Bedding Sets — How to Dress a Large Bed Brilliantly

These King-size bedding sets are perfect for dressing a beautifully big bed in style

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Long live the king! But we aren't just talking about the newly coronated monarch, we are looking at the king-size bed and its long standing reign in the world of bedding.

The first king-size bed, not surprisingly was made for a king in the 19th century and could fit more than 10 people on it. Although modern iterations are nowhere near this gargantuan, the king-sized bed is a reflection of the world we live in. In the 50s, most homes had single beds for couples which were popular at the time, the 60s and 70s saw the dawn of the queen and eventually king-sized beds that we recognize today. As people getting taller and heavier, bedding manufacturers saw a gap in the market and started selling larger bed sizes and the contemporary King was born.

Today, the trend has no signs of slowing as beds become social spaces for us to relax in as well as sleep. But the question arises, how does one dress a King? To answer, we've searched and scouring the best home décor stores, for the best bedding sets for King size beds. If you’re looking for more bedding inspiration, discover our best bedding feature to help you get started. This exclusive list includes a breakdown of all things bedding along with the Livingetc team’s top picks. 

1. Luxury King-Size Linen Bedding Sets

2. Luxury King-Size Cotton Bedding Sets

4. Luxury King-Size White Bedding Sets

4. Luxury King-Size White Bedding Sets

What is a luxury bed linen?

The definition of luxury bed linen has changed over the centuries, often in tune with the fabrics that were favored during that age. In general, natural fibers like pure linen, long-staple cotton, or silk are considered the best in class when it comes to bedding. Silk carries a great deal of provenience as the 'queen of fabrics', woven with the cocoon fibers of silkworms, it's a labor of love. Linen and cotton are plant fibers but they are differentiated by class too. European flax linen is considered to be the best, specifically, for the Belgians who have mastered the art of linen. Egyptian and other forms of long-staple cotton like Supima and Pima are considered the most luxurious forms of this natural fiber. When shopping for your luxury bed linen, look for the fabric composition, thread count (don't go for anything less than 300), and the feel of the fabric. "I love Swiss company Christian Fischbacher satin bed linen. It is made from combed and mercerized long-fibre cotton. Mercerization gives the fabric a soft silky hand feel and just the perfect subtle shine," says German interior designer, Constanze Ladner when asked about her favorite luxury bed linen. Ultimately, there is no wrong or right answer, when choosing your bedding, opt for fabric that will stand the test of time, and feel soft on the skin but most of all, choose bedding you love.

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