12 of the Best Storage Benches — 'They Make a Great Addition to an Entryway', Say Professional Organizers

Stowing your stuff has never been so stylish — until now. Here's our round up of the best storage benches

The 12 best storage benches, according to a style editor.
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Multifunctional furniture is a godsend, and storage benches are perhaps our most favorite. Not to be confused with a storage ottoman, 'storage benches are very similar to ottomans and sometimes the term is interchangeable,' says professional home organizer Laura Price. 'However, there are a few key differences in their shape and material. Storage benches are rectangular and typically made of wood or other hard materials. Ottomans can be any shape and are made from soft material. They both have storage compartments but whereas ottomans only have a base and a lid, benches can have multiple cubbies or drawers.' Basically, all storage benches are storage ottomans, but not all storage ottomans are storage benches.

A notable distinguishing factor is that, according to Laura, storage benches are better for storing multiple categories of items at once. Since they often "have multiple cubbies and drawers, you can use each compartment for individual categories, making it easier to find the item you need.” Seeing as many of us could benefit from additional organization, this sounds like the ideal living room storage idea.

There are a lot of storage benches out there, but my goal was to find the very best. I put my style editor skills to the test and sifted through dozens upon dozens of pages to find picks that are not only extremely practical but extremely chic. So, if you’re hunting for a new storage solution, look no further than the following edit because this list is the cream de la cream.

Best Classic Storage Benches

Best Modern Storage Benches

Best Mid-Century Storage Benches

Best Statement Storage Benches


According to home organizer Laura Price, 'storage benches are a great addition to a entryway because they make brilliant shoe and accessory storage. Not only are they able to store shoes and accessories discreetly, they also create seating to be able to put your shoes on comfortably'  — perfect for when you’re running out the door.

A more unexpected storage bench area is at the table. Benches are becoming an increasingly popular seating choice, 'so why not make it multifunctional by having a storage bench instead?,' asks Laura. 'You can use the compartments to store tableware so setting up the table is streamlined.' Since many are made of wood, 'any spillages or food stains are easy to wipe clean.'

These are just two options, but the possibilities of storage bench placements are endless! The beauty of multifunctional furniture is its versatility, so don't be afraid to place it somewhere a little unorthodox if that suits your space and personal preferences.

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