'It's the Best Sleep of My Life!' — The 6 Best Brooklinen Comforters are Beyond Dreamy

From all-season down comforters to ultra-warm alternatives, nobody does it like Brooklinen. Take this as sign to invest in a quality comforter — you won't regret it!

The best Brooklinen comforters, according to a style editor.
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A top-notch comforter can transform your sleep experience from good to great. It's the difference between feeling moderately warm and snug and experiencing that enchanting sensation usually reserved for luxury hotels. The ideal comforter is warm, breathable, and, if you're anything like me, as fluffy as can be. 

If Brooklinen is your number one choice for bedding, know that you can find comforters there, too. With numerous options available, I've curated this selection of Brooklinen editor’s choice picks to simplify your comforter search. According to Brooklinen's Design Director, Katie Elks, 'During the warmer months, look for comforters with a lighter fill power, which is the measure of the fluffiness and insulation of the down filling.' And don't mistake a lighter fill for inferior quality; it simply offers a 'more cooling sleep experience. Depending on your location and preferred sleeping temperature, you may opt for something warmer in the winter months, lighter in the summer, or year round if you are a hot sleeper,' Katie adds. Fortunately, 'Brooklinen offers multiple comforter fill powers and fill compositions to suit a variety of sleeping styles.'

While I've made my fair share of regrettable purchases (cue my never-used, extravagantly priced hot pink cashmere balaclava), a comforter has never been one of them. From down to down alternative options, Brooklinen offering has a lot to, well, offer. No, you're not dreaming — that comes swiftly after your comforter arrives. 

Best Brooklinen Comforters

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Best Brooklinen Down Comforters

Brooklinen’s Down Comforters are classically cozy, enveloped in a sumptuously smooth 100% cotton sateen shell. According to Katie Elks, this comforter is 'exclusively filled with soft, fluffy clusters of responsibly sourced, high-quality Canadian White Down'.

Best Brooklinen Down Alternative Comforters

Down alternatives sometimes get a bad rap. It’s true; they can be a bit hit or miss, but this couldn’t be further from the truth at Brooklinen. 'Our Down Alternative Comforters are made using a microfiber fill that offers the same insulation as traditional down,' Katie explains, adding, 'and are perfect for those suffering from allergies, living a vegan lifestyle, or simply looking for a less expensive option.'

Best Brooklinen Duvet Covers & Sets

The duvet sets the tone for your entire bed, so choose wisely! Whether you opt for classic percale or light, breezy linen, each of these dreamy coverings promises not to disappoint.

How should I wash my Brooklinen comforter?

Washing a comforter can seem daunting given its plushness and size. It's important to note, as Katie Elks advises, that Brooklinen does not recommend washing their Down or Down Alternative Comforters at home. This is because 'domestic washers aren't large enough to handle our comforters and machines with agitators can damage the baffle box construction.'

So, what's the alternative? Spot cleaning is the preferred method. According to Katie, use 'soft soap like Zero or Woolite' for smaller stains. For tougher stains, dry cleaning may be necessary. However, it's important to be aware that “dry cleaning will shorten the life-span of the comforter, as the chemicals remove the natural oils in the down and the clusters will break down faster.”

How should I store my Brooklinen comforter?

Before storing your comforter, ensure it's clean and completely dry. 'It's best to clean your comforter before storing,' advises Katie. 'You can use a fabric bag for storage, something breathable, no plastic!' she cautions. Alternatively, consider storing 'inside a duvet cover to protect the comforter shell. It’s best to keep in a closet to keep away from dust and light,' she adds.

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