Tiny table lamps are our shopping editor's favorite lighting trend right now – here are the 12 styles she's fallen for

Cute mini table lamps are a stylish addition to any room of the home. Here are 12 in my shopping basket

A mushroom table lamp
(Image credit: Damir Otegen. Design: New Almaty Architects Workshop)

I'm obsessed with cute accent table lamps and am of the firm belief that lighting your home is all about layering your lighting. It's all about keeping the 'big light' firmly off, reserved only for more functional tasks like cleaning, where accent lighting is about encouraging a calming atmosphere.

In my bedroom alone, I have three table lamps. Excessive, you might say, but I think each of them are essential in lighting the room instead of relying on the 'big light', all the while bringing a decorative twist to a functional element. Here are 12 I've picked from my favorite online picks that you should add to your basket for decorative bedroom and living room lighting for your home.

Oonagh Turner
Oonagh Turner

Oonagh is an interiors writer and editor, and expert at keeping up with trends. She's also a keen online shopper, with shopping baskets full of decor must-haves that reflect wider trends from the world of interior design. For this story, she's picked her favorite table lamps to bring light and style to any room of the home. 

Top mini table lamp buys

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Mushroom lamps

Mushroom lamps are all the rage. With bags of vintage charm, and in a variety of cute, curvaceous and tactile shapes, these are my favorite three.

Lampshade lamps

A lampshade might once have been seen as too twee for the modern home, but these reincarnations are contemporary and cool.

Globe table lamps

Frosted globe lights are the ultimate in transitional style. Hitting the sweet spot between mid-century and contemporary. Here are three that will look elegant in any type of home you have.

Tiny task lamp

Desks come in any shape and size now, and our lamps need to match, so these smaller designs are perfect for any desk, even if it's a modest console table worked into a working from home destination.

Designers and homeowners are recognizing the aesthetic merits of lighting a room with more than one light source. Layering your lighting is an important part of your interiors, and the way light enters and bounces around the room is accepted as as important and as instrumental to your interiors as your choice of paint

So we're embracing the opportunity to add more pocket lamps and mini light sources to every room in the home. Perfect in bedrooms and living rooms, we can't get enough of this lighting trend. 

So what type of mini table light have I got my eye on? First, up we can't ignore how mushroom lamps are dominating the lighting scene. Evolving from our love of mid-century, Panthella, and the Murano are the main styles. Panthella is characterized by its cute circular top and taller stem, whereas Murano mushroom lamps are made from glass and typically have an attractive spotted pattern.

Cute additions to any surface, they appeal to the trend for curves and are super tactile, with that coveted vintage look. Getting your hands on an original mind might be a little expensive, but there are many dupes out there that look just as good.

Elsewhere, smaller lamp bases with pretty pleated lampshades are also having their moment in the spotlight. Once a trend for the coastal grandmother, they can look sharp and modern in the right setting.

I'm also really into the soft glow and tactile shape of globe lights that I've also spotted cropping up around the home, aligning with this move towards an holistic approach to interiors. 

Oonagh Turner
Livingetc content editor and design expert

Oonagh is a content editor at Livingetc.com and an expert at spotting the interior trends that are making waves in the design world. Writing a mix of everything and everything from home tours to news, long-form features to design idea pieces on the website, as well as frequently featured in the monthly print magazine, she's the go-to for design advice in the home. Previously, she worked on a London property title, producing long-read interiors features, style pages and conducting interviews with a range of famous faces from the UK interiors scene, from Kit Kemp to Robert Kime. In doing so, she has developed a keen interest in London's historical architecture and the city's distinct tastemakers paving the way in the world of interiors.