We Can't Gatekeep These Boucle Bed Frames Any Longer — So On-Trend, Comforting, and Affordable

Boucle bed frames are the most covetable bedroom accessory there is. We've found the best, most stylish options for every price point

boucle bed frames on a colorful background
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If you spent any time scrolling Livingetc in the last year, you'll know that boucle fabric has had a wild 12 months. The unmistakable curled fabric infiltrated every corner of the house in 2023, from the obvious entryway bench to the unexpected kitchen stool, and we don't think things will slow down in the coming months.

In keeping with the boucle mania, many of the best home decor stores are also offering boucle bed frames among their product categories, a luxury variant of the upholstered headboard trend that excites with its extra-tactile touch. Pillowy and plush, a boucle bed frame makes it look as though you are sleeping on a cloud, especially if the unit you chose happens to be legless (and therefore rests directly on the floor).

'Boucle beds have a luxurious, ultra-soft texture that just makes you want to stay in bed all day,' said Nicole Cullum, interior designer and founder of Color Caravan. 'The fabric itself 'has a nubby, silky feel but is also incredibly durable which makes it a perfect choice for bed frames.'

Have we convinced you yet? If not, this shopping edit of the best boucle bed frames — which would be perfectly accompanied by our round-ups of the best boucle sofas and boucle benches — ought to do the trick.

The Livingetc edit of boucle bed frames

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What kind of bedscape should I pair with a boucle bed frame?

When building your bedscape, consider complementing your boucle bed by 'layering it with different textured fabrics,' Nicole suggested. 'Think faux fur throw blankets, cotton sateen duvet covers, and satin or Egyptian cotton sheets for a little added sheen.'

As far as colors go, 'a neutral palette will always work,' Nicole said, 'but don't be afraid to add bold colored accents to make your bed frame pop.' Avoid an influx of patterns; rather, solid colors 'with a few choice patterns in your duvet or euros will give your boucle bed a sophisticated designer look.'

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