The Best Wall Art in 2024 — Where to Shop and What to Buy

Here's where to buy unique wall art that looks expensive, but doesn't break the bank. Your new favorite art gallery is in your own home

All the best wall art for 2024, according to a style editor.
(Image credit: Wayfair; CB2; MOMA Design Store; Anthropologie; Neiman Marcus; Net-a-Porter; Saks Fifth Avenue)

Dull space? Blank wall? Craving a touch of personality? Wall art has an incredible knack for transforming any space. Contrary to popular belief, achieving an aesthetically pleasing look doesn't necessarily mean breaking the bank.

With an abundance of fantastic wall art options available, the key lies in putting in a little effort to find the right one. I've carefully curated wall art picks from the best home decor stores like Anthropologie and CB2, and I can confidently say that these pieces stand out as some of the best you can find this year and beyond. Whether you're aiming to enhance your home office, living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom, your search ends here with the following list. None of the selections were plucked from an art gallery or museum, though they certainly look like it.

Best Wall Art for 2024

"I'm noticing people are becoming more confident with their art choices," says interior stylist Kerrie-Ann Jones, with many opting "for large statement pieces or artworks using bold colors with texture." 

On a similar note, gallery walls, which exude an eclectic charm, are also growing in popularity. According to Kerrie-Ann, don't be afraid to mix different art styles together; consider pairing photographic works with more traditional painted ones. 

With this advice in mind, I found a variety of eye-catching pieces to help you curate your own personal art collection.

What is the best way to hang wall art?

Especially for those unacquainted with the process, hanging wall art can be a stressful endeavor, as no one wants to be left with unsightly marks on their walls.

To ensure a seamless hanging process, and for the best way to hang wall art, start by considering the material of your wall. Are you planning to hang your piece on easy-to-work-with plaster, or is your wall made of brick? If it's the former, nails are likely your best bet, but if it's the latter, consider adhesive strips like the ones by Command. These are particularly great as they don't damage walls, making them renter-friendly.

When it comes to positioning, keeping your pieces at eye level is a good rule of thumb. Some exceptions, though, include smaller pieces of art. According to Victoria Holly of Victoria Holly Interiors, “the smaller the art, the higher you go. Many people take the art too high and have it closer to the ceiling than above their sofa, which creates discordance and looks awkward.” 

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