What Color Kitchen Hardware is in Style For 2024? 'This Pick is Going to be Truly Timeless,' Say Experts

Whether you're remodeling or just looking to give an existing kitchen a facelift, this is the color of handle, knob and pull designers are choosing this year

A sage green kitchen with door knobs and handles in brushed bronze
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If there's one decision it's worth agonizing over in a kitchen, it's the hardware. It really can make all the difference in how your kitchen feels, and handles can truly shift the style direction of your kitchen, for better or worse.

In recent years, colors such as brass, rose gold, or matt black have taken over hardware finishes, but what's the color everyone is buying in 2024?

We asked designers for answers and here's they're specifying for their modern kitchens.

What color kitchen door hardware is in style for 2024?

A dark green kitchen with brushed gold knobs

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'Currently gold is a popular color for hardware as it adds warmth to gray and navy blue — two popular kitchen colors,' says Jane Lockhart, founder of Jane Lockhart Design. 'Gold also stands out against black cabinetry, so it becomes a feature.'

Gold-colored hardware is usually brass in today's kitchens, and it's been having a big resurgence in kitchen hardware trends for some time. While these were traditionally used in more Art Deco style homes, they are now being used in farmhouse, modern, traditional, and maximalist home decor schemes.

How can I make my kitchen hardware stand out?

Sliding door pantry by Hub of the House Studio

(Image credit: Hub of the House Studio: Photo credit: Meghan Beierle-O'Brien)

'When it comes to finishes, you should choose one that allows the hardware to show and shine properly,' says Ariel Bleich, founder of Ariel Bleich Design. 'Consider dark wood stained cabinets so that the knobs and handles are visible. These will look good against dark-painted cabinets too. Polished finishes are a good bet.'

Should I change my existing kitchen hardware?

'Think of hardware like jewelry,' says Jane. 'If you think you may want to change pieces over time, stick to consistent sizes like 5" or 7" (most hardware handles come in this). It’s easiest to change small elements, like knobs, to keep up with current trends, making these consistent pieces that are easy to adjust, and a good choice overall.'

Before sourcing the best kitchen handles, it's worth checking that it's possible to replace your existing handles, knobs and pulls. Different handles will have different spacing required for holes in cabinetry, so it's not always possible to swap a pull bar for a knob, for example. However, often similar styles of handles have equivalent measurements so that they can be interchangeable. Check the product specifications before you buy though, just to be sure.

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