'They're not just for doors!' - 3 other ways designers are decorating with Christmas wreaths this year

To get the most enjoyment out of Christmas wreaths don't limit them to the front door

Christmas wreath in window
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A Christmas wreath is part of most people's festive decor, but we've become stuck in our ways and less inventive over the years. Our beautiful wreath gets stuck on the front door, and that's that, but - as designers point out - they have so much more potential. 

Christmas decorating is a magical time full of traditions, but it should also be a time to experiment and try new trends. Although we might dare to test out a new color combination, the fundamentals tend to remain the same - the tree there, the lights here, and - of course - the wreath on the door. However, interior designers are using this latter piece of traditional decor in different ways this year, and the easy switch is the simplest way to update your Christmas decor for a home that's both festive and modern. 

1. Windows

A Christmas wreath hanging in a window

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We're used to seeing Christmas wreaths hanging on doors around the neighborhood, but who says you can't have more than one? The festive foliage is the perfect way to adorn your house during the Christmas period, and modern varieties with shining lights can really brighten up your home. Featuring wreaths in your windows can be a great way to amp up your exterior Christmas appearance especially, and it's a look that designers are loving. 

This idea retains a classic Christmas charm whilst still upgrading your decor look. 'Delicate frames for nature’s artworks in mini-wreaths in windows combine indoor charm with the winter landscape outside,' says Artem Kropovinsky interior designer and founder of Arsight. This is a simple way of bringing festive cheer to the outside world that's more subtle than classic outdoor lights, and it adds a modern twist to the traditional ornament. It looks beautiful from the inside, too!

2. On the mantlepiece

indoor Christmas wreath over a fireplace

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There's no reason why a wreath can't also be used inside the home to decorate. We love how different wreaths give off different vibes and can be used to compliment your personal style, be it a minimalist or eclectic style. 'Smaller wreaths placed on top of mantelpieces are guided by soft lights or metallic traces, can create a luxurious effect,' says Artem. This mantel decor idea makes a great complement to your tree or garland, too. 

Different sizes can create different looks, as well. One large wreath above the fireplace makes a statement, whereas a collection of smaller wreaths has a more subtle look. 

It can sometimes be difficult to decorate every corner, so opting for smaller wreath decorations can help spread the festive feeling. 'Wreaths placed randomly give a zany feel to every corner of each room,' says Artem. There are so many modern designs out there that put a spin on the traditional pine wreath, including entirely metallic ones. Whatever your style, there's something for you.

3. On tables

A Christmas table with a wreath around a candle

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A classic foliage wreath also has a place on the table. It's often overlooked but can add something really special to your Christmas tablescape. With this one styling is essential to avoid people thinking you have forgotten to take your wreath off the table and hang it up. 

A fresh, or faux, wreath can be the perfect way to center your table. To keep it from looking like a misplaced piece of door decor paint it with some complimentary candles and other decor pieces that speak to the natural aesthetic. 'This Christmas, I am all about embracing natural holly decor including driftwood stars and pine cone strands for a warm, organic holiday ambiance,' says Artem. This will help the wreath look situated in a wide design scheme.

If you're looking for more ways to update your holiday decor, try using the pieces you already have, in different ways. You'll be surprised at what a big difference it can make.

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