12 Unique Ways to Style Books — How Designers Use Reading Material to Elevate Decor

From vintage trunks to bar carts, suffice to say you won’t be missing your bookcase after perusing this chic selection of unique ways to style books

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Some of the most stylish people I know are surrounded by books — they’re everywhere. And no, their homes aren't chaotic; instead, books are seamlessly integrated into the decor, serving as usable decorative items that exude an air of class and erudition. Beyond just adding an intellectual flair, books are inherently beautiful, offering glimpses into our interests, goals, and dreams. It feels only natural to leverage them for more than just reading.

However, if books are to take center stage and venturing beyond the best bookshelves, it's wise to be selective. “Books don't just have to be for reading — they can also serve as decor,” says interior designer and TileCloud co-founder, Floss Kelly. Although I of course recommend choosing books to buy that you actually want to read, for display purposes the criteria is a little different. "Choose books with interesting covers or spines that complement your room's color scheme,” Floss suggests.

As an Aquarius, I'm always eager to venture off the beaten path and embrace something new. But don't just take my word for it — listen to the design experts. Each of these inventive book display ideas comes straight from a designer or home aficionado, so feel confident in exploring something different. After all, the world is your library — why not dive in?

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