This 'Hidden' Trick for Scenting Your Bathroom Infuses Your Space with Freshness

Bathrooms should smell just as good as the rest of your home, and this hack makes that possible

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Home fragrance can be a difficult thing to master, especially in rooms like the bathroom. We're all eager to have beautifully smelling powder rooms but store-bought air fresheners just don't do the trick. This leaves us wondering, what's the secret to a good-smelling bathroom? 

As it turns out, there's a hidden trick behind modern bathrooms that smell amazing, and it's easier than you think to achieve. We recently discovered this hack to infuse your bathroom with freshness, and it uses items you might already have stocked in the cabinet. We spoke to professional housekeepers about their view of this trick and they were united in praising its use. Here's the low-down of this scent savior. 

This hack for long-lasting freshness could not be simpler since it only involves one inexpensive item. All you need is a scented disinfectant such as Fabuloso, and the existing toilet rolls you already use. 

The trick works by wiping the fragranced liquid around the rim of your inner toilet roll tube. As you use the roll, it will gently disperse freshness throughout the space for a sweet-smelling scent. The genius idea comes from lifestyle influencer @jessicamay_home who praises this hack as the reason her home always smells so good.

This hidden trick is sure to be the secret thing people with amazing-smelling bathrooms always do, and cleaning expert Karina Toner also praises the idea. 'This innovative hack is particularly effective for infusing a refreshing scent into a commonly used area,' she says. 'The gradual release of fragrance with each use ensures a continuously fresh and inviting bathroom atmosphere.'

Utilizing a product such as Fabuloso or Mrs Meyer's also makes it a highly customizable hack. You can change your scent depending on the season and personal taste and, unlike other fragrance hacks, this trick is actively combating bad odors. 'As the roll is used, the subtle scent is released, contributing to a fresh atmosphere in the bathroom,' explains Karina. No need to continuously top up either, just do it at the the start of every roll and enjoy the fragrance to the very end.

If you want a bathroom that always smells fresh, add this simple trick to your routine. It's the hidden hack that housekeepers swear by! 


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