One trend for living rooms that designers say is outdated, and one that they're embracing instead

We asked interior designers what they're loving, and what they're glad to see the back of in living room designs. Here's what they told us

A living room with soft materials
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Interior design is an ever-evolving discipline, and what may have been popular a few years ago could very well be on its way out now.

 Colors, prints, decoration techniques, furniture pieces, and fabrics tend to go in and out of fad – some with a chance of revival in the near future, and others perhaps never. If you want to ensure you're making wise investments for your space, then these modern living room trends suggested by top designers will steer you in the right direction. 

Out: A traditional bar trolley

A designer bar cart

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'The trend of having a bar cart or trolley on wheels in the living room is pretty much out,' says Victoria Holly, principal and founder of Victoria Holly Interiors. 'It's more on trend to have a proper built-in bar or entertaining area near the living room or dining room.'

If you don't have room for a living room bar, instead of smaller bar carts on show, hide your spirits in beautiful decorative storage that also doubles up as an accent piece. These are reflective of your taste and help add individuality to the interiors. Take this beautiful unit designed by Kelly Wearstler, for instance. Painted in a unique tone with eye-catching legs and several drawers, it steals focus and upgrades a simple, often-overlooked corner of a living room. 

In: super soft, organic materials

A boucle sofa

(Image credit: the Stylesmiths)

For the most cozy living room that's also trendy, super plush, soft-to-touch materials are taking over interiors. 

'Boucle sofas and chairs are stand-out pieces of furniture that would go well with almost all interior styles,' says Rose Sorkheh of the Stylesmiths. 'They add warmth and softness to the interior and create an inviting atmosphere with their comfortable and fluffy look. Even though every piece of furniture covered with boucle fabric looks very precious, surprisingly, the fabric has a durable construction, minimal liquid absorption, and is easy to clean. It's also a great choice if you are looking for a sustainable fabric (when made from wool).'

'When designing a relaxing living room, I pick cozy and inviting materials,' says Susan Spath, principal of Kern & Co. 'Linens, boucle, mohairs, etc. are great to create a relaxing environment. Linen is crisp, clean, and simple, while a boucle or mohair is more of a statement and adds warmth and texture to the space. I like to use organic materials as they help create the feeling of comfort and relaxation.'

'Choose something that feels completely comfortable to sit on,' says Victoria. 'And of course easy to clean! You can't be relaxed in a room that is prone to staining.'

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