Color Expert Nicole Gibbons Names the Paint Shade to Watch in 2024 for On-Trend Walls

Clare's founder-turned-TV star reveals what's hot in the paint world and how we should be thinking about color this year

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It's that time of the year when lots of us crave a home upgrade. After spending much of the festive period inside our homes we've grown sick of the sight of our walls. Giving them a lick of paint is one of the easiest ways to update your space, all you need to do is pick a color (a task easier said than done...)

We know we're guilty of constantly bombarding you with the latest color trends, but endless paint inspiration is no bad thing. The problem is, it can be difficult to pin down a specific shade to use. Sometimes you just want to know what everyone else is buying, and what shade speaks to the mood of the moment according to color experts.

Fortunately, that's exactly what Nicole Gibbons, founder of contemporary paint brand Clare, can offer. Here we find out about the best-selling paints and the ones that will continue to be big this year. Use this to inspire your next DIY project and update your home in next to no time. 

What is the stand out shade for 2024?

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We often talk about the best shades to paint your living room and the top color combinations backed by designers, but sometimes you just want to know what's selling. 'At Clare we take a data-driven approach to analyzing and predicting color trends, analyzing YoY changes in sales volume as well as looking at customer behavior data such as website page views, swatch sales, social media engagement, and customer feedback to inform shifts in color trends and popularity,' says Nicole Gibbons. This information feeds Nicole's view of what she predicts will be big for the next year, so - safe to say - we trust her. 

'Looking back at our 2023 sales, one of the most noticeable trends we saw was a sharp uptick in sales of brown paint colors which grew by nearly 100%,' she says. 'Leading this trend are shades like "Coffee Date", which saw a growth of nearly 110%, and "Dirty Chai", growing by around 83%. "Turbinado" also saw significant growth, with around 90% growth YOY.' With this in mind, we think we'll certainly be seeing a lot more brown living rooms cropping up this year.

How would you recommend using brown in the home?

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Brown can feel like a difficult shade to use, but it really shouldn't be. There are so many paint ideas where brown can be the focus without being overpowering. 'Styling a room with shades of brown is a wonderful way to bring more depth and interest to a neutral palette,' says Nicole. When brown is viewed as a neutral the possibilities are endless. 

'In terms of textures, brown paint colors pair beautifully with natural wood tones for a relaxed and organic feel,' she says, 'For a more rich and sophisticated vibe, try pairing shades of brown with more luxurious textiles like velvets or satins.'

Brown is the perfect shade for a plethora of different rooms. We love how a rich brown can be used to develop a bedroom or living room for a cozy, color-drenched, and cocoon-like feel. 'It’s also a great choice painted on kitchen cabinetry or library bookshelves to bring a sense of depth and sophistication,' suggests Nicole.

There are many colors that go with brown. Pair it with off-white neutrals for a more subtle effect, or with deep greens to lean into that nature-inspired look. Equally, try it with soft, warm pinks to create a feminine warmth.

What is Clare's bestselling paint shade?

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'"Whipped" is a soft warm white and our all-time bestselling paint color at Clare,' says Nicole, which is hardly surprising considering it is such a great choice for a neutral color scheme. 'It’s neither too yellow nor not too stark making it truly the perfect white paint,' she adds. 'It feels clean and fresh but has just a touch of warmth to make it feel inviting.' This shade is the perfect pair for those more daring colors, too. It would work wonderfully with some of those trendy browns Nicole previously mentioned. 

'“Current Mood” is another one of our overall best-sellers and has been a fan favorite on social media since we launched,' says Nicole. 'While the idea of a dark color may sound intimidating, the right color can be surprisingly versatile.'

Green living room

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If you're a first-timer at painting your walls something other than Magnolia, don't panic. You can still participate in the fun of a bold color. 'For a non-committal approach to bold colors, you can start with a neutral foundation and use deeper colors as accents,' suggests Nicole. 'Think shades of white, grey, and beige as your main color with a bold accent wall, or adding a bold color to a piece of furniture.'

However, if you really want to give your home a makeover, go bold. 'In general, bold colors tend to feel more editorial and style-forward so when executed well they can make your space look much more sophisticated and refined so don’t be afraid to step outside of the color comfort zone,' Says Nicole.

So, it seems deep chocolatey brown is set to be one of the best paint colors for 2024. Take this as your cue to try something new this year and dare to go dark with a moody yet sumptuous scheme. 

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