How to Decorate With Sherwin-Williams' Shade 'Hushed Auburn', 2024's Perfect Dusky Pink

A much easier color to live with than you might think, this perfect dusky pink will make your home look cozy and soft. These experts tell us how to use it in your home

bedroom with feature wall in dusky pink
(Image credit: Sherwin Williams)

There's been a lot of talk in recent years about pink. Its popularity within interiors has seen it grow to become a neutral of sorts, even replacing classic white or more modern tones of beige, and it’s not hard to see why. With a hint of a red undertone, pink is a warm, welcoming color that feels joyful and works in virtually any room, regardless of orientation or the level of natural light it gets.

The obstacles, if you will, in choosing a pink for our homes have been finding the right shade that looks modern, sophisticated, and grown-up, and not reminiscent of a kid’s bedroom, while the second obstacle pertains more to logistics: how and where to use it. If you want to embrace one of this year's biggest color trends, interior designers and color experts agree that Sherwin-Williams’ shade Hushed Auburn is the perfect dusky pink to try. Here they offer some advice on how to use it and what to pair it with to achieve an on-trend look.

How to decorate with 'Hushed Auburn'

living room with dusky pink walls and white sofas and armchairs

(Image credit: Sherwin Williams)

Decorating with pink is easier than you’d think if you look at it as a neutral. This is where a dusky tone is the best option, as it’s more natural looking and will be easy to live with in any room you choose to use, but it’s best suited for the areas where you’re looking for a calming feel.

Hushed Auburn would work well in a cozy, quiet space like a home office or a bedroom,’ interior designer Megan Healy tells me. Wondering which colors go with pink? She has the answer to that, too. ‘Try pairing it with creamy whites, sage, or saffron, and avoid using this color with similar ones like orange or red.'

If you’re wondering what other Sherwin-Williams colors to pair it with, Emily Kantz, color expert at the paint brand, says the shade pairs best with bright whites such as Heron Plume SW 6070 or a lighter white/pink shade like Gorgeous White SW 6049.

bathroom with dusky pink walls and white tiles

(Image credit: Sherwin Williams)

Hushed Auburn is on everyone’s lips at the moment, and Emily explains its appeal. ‘It’s a warm tonal clay shade that looks almost dusty pink thanks to its red undertones,' she says. 'The warmness of this hue makes any space feel cozy and inviting, which is why I recommend using the color in bedrooms to create a truly calming environment.'

Interior designer Matthew Williamson has made no secret of his love for pink as a neutral, especially in a soft shade like dusky pink. ‘It’s a much easier color to live with than white and has more personality than beige or grey – while still maintaining a neutral tone,’ explains the designer. 

If you're ready to inject a hint of barbiecore into your home but in a more mature and elevated fashion, let Hushed Auburn be your paint shade of choice this season.

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