This Genius Hack is the Best Way to Disguise Your Google Nest Thermostat, and it Costs Just $10

This viral Amazon-buy is the simplest way to disguise any unsightly thermostat by making it blend seamlessly with your surrounding decor

Google Nest Thermostat
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Smart thermostats are one of the best investments you can make. There's a lot to love about saving money, tracking your energy usage, and remotely controlling your heating so that you always come home to a warm space. One thing that can't be avoided, though, is the unsightly appearance of your thermostat on the wall. 

While modern smart home devices are certainly more streamlined than the bulky old-fashioned designs, they're still not something you necessarily want to see within your room. Take the Google Nest for example - these small digital displays are relatively inconspicuous, but they can still be an eyesore on your wall. Unless you want to hide it away within a small cabinet, there's really no avoiding them. 

One thing you can do, however, is disguise it. Jazzing up your Google Nest - or any thermostat for that matter - can be as simple as buying a decorative little photo frame. 

This genius hack comes courtesy of a viral video on social media where TikTok user Tien shares her simple solution for prettying up her thermostat. The best part? It's an Amazon buy that costs just $10. Using a small wooden 4 x 4-inch circular photo frame that fits snugly around the display, her Google Nest already looks so much more at home on her walls, blending in seamlessly with Tien's surrounding furniture.

To apply this clever idea to your own home, all you have to do is find a 4 x 4-inch circular wall-mounted frame that takes your fancy and fix it to the wall above your Google Nest. If your frame has a glass insert, you'll need to remove it so that the frame will fit around your thermostat and prevent it from tampering with the thermometer.


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Below her post, Tien mentions that she can still access the thermostat to manually adjust it, but you can always do this remotely if that proves tricky. Adhesive strips like these ones from Amazon might also be the best method of fixing your frame rather than a picture hook if you want it completely flush and balanced with the wall. 

You don't have to stick with Tien's wooden frame, either. Any 4-inch circular frame will do the job, so whether you're a minimalist who loves a more neutral look or a fan of a more vintage aesthetic, you can customize your thermostat frame to suit your style. 

There's no reason you can't embrace this idea if you don't have a Google Nest, either. Simply measure the dimensions of your existing thermostat and find a decorative wall-mounted picture frame to fit around it. Who knew making your thermostat part of your decor would be so simple? Your best smart thermostat just got even better. 

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