These 5 paint colors will make your living room feel so much more welcoming in time for holiday hosting

Hosting season is just around the corner, and these paint colors are guaranteed to make the right impression to your guests

a blue living room with white chairs
(Image credit: Emily Redfield. Design: Truss Interiors)

With hosting season upon us soon, many of us are looking forward to welcoming family and friends into our home. If you’re thinking about a quick living room update to make your guests feel welcome and cozy, there are certain paint colors for your walls that experts think will help you achieve that. As far as interior updates go, painting the walls in a room is one of the quickest things you can do for a great transformational impact at a low cost. 

One thing is for sure, you’ll need to think of your interior as a whole before you decide what color to go for. Think about your decorations and whether you prefer to go for gold (paired with warm colors), silver (paired with cooler colors), or more natural tones, and pick the wall paint idea that will complement them. When it all comes together the result will be a beautiful living room that feels special and inviting, perfect for the festive season and beyond. The beauty of these colors is that with the right accessories, they can create a cozy, elegant interior look all year round. 

1. Deep red 

a red painted living room with a maroon sofa and large wall art

(Image credit: Interior design Chad Doresy. Photo Douglas Friedman)

A classic for the festive season, it doesn’t get any warmer and more welcoming than a deep red. Red living rooms can have a great impact, and if the right shade is chosen, can look incredibly sophisticated and not at all overpowering. 

‘For homeowners who want to go all out this holiday season, a deep red like Fireweed is the classic festive red people associate with this time of year,' explains Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing, at Sherwin-Williams. 'Deep reds are great in spaces where people gather together due to their high energy.'

2. Warm orange 

dark orange living room

(Image credit: Kinder Design / Leo Davut)

If reds are a bit too much of a statement for you, opt for warm shades of orange instead. This is a color that stands out, but due to its luxury associations in both interiors and fashion (think of the famous "Hermès orange trend"), it’s a color that will always be elegant and chic. 

‘Orange will invigorate any room,’ says Helen Shaw, Director of Marketing, at Benjamin Moore. ‘To create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living room space consider earthy or spice-toned oranges–think terracotta or cinnamon. These tones will instantly create a welcoming feeling for your guests whilst also achieving a sophisticated, classic look that will stand the test of time,’ she advises. Try the brand’s Autumn Cover for a classy take on orange.

3. Natural green 

living room with dark green millwork unit with books and objects

(Image credit: Sherwin-Williams Cascades)

Green is perfect for this time of year as while we spend more time indoors, it reminds of of the great nature outdoors for a very calming feel. ‘Green is a wonderful choice for a living room,’ Helen tells me. ‘Its connection to the natural world means it will effortlessly create a restful and relaxing atmosphere.’ 

If you’re keen to give the green living room a try, Benjamin Moore’s Vienna Green is a beautiful option that's not too dark. ‘For a show-stopping look guaranteed to impress guests, cover the walls in a soft almost sage green and combine with flashes of color to celebrate architectural details within the room,' Helen adds. 'Whether you follow the line of a skirting board with stripes in pretty pastels or inject a flash of fluorescence on an otherwise tonal surface, using paint to create highlights will instantly boost your space.'

Architectural Color Consultant, Amy Krane, of Amy Krane Color, suggests the newer Farrow & Ball color, Beverly. ‘It's a deep green that leans just a hair olive,' she says. 'The reds of a poinsettia will glow against this green and I wouldn't shy from adding burnt orange to the mix.'

4. Majestic blue 

dark blue living room with blue velvet sofa by Ryan Street

(Image credit: Ryan Street Architects/Reagen Taylor)

A deep blue will completely transform any room, and it’s a very calming color that will make your guests feel at ease. Sue says that the right blue can exude a rich and mysterious personality and bring a sophisticated mystique that guests are sure to comment on when they visit. 

The brand’s Dignity Blue is the perfect shade for a classic blue living room space that will be welcoming for your guests and will look great as a background to your Christmas accessories, whichever color you choose to go for. 

5. Aubergine 

purple room

(Image credit: Little Greene)

If you're feeling brave, aubergine makes a beautiful base color for a living space. Sue recommends Sherwin-Williams’ Raisin color for a deep purple living room. ‘This dark color is the perfect hue to bring elegance to a living room space where homeowners want their guests to gather,' she says. 'Its purple undertones also pair well with most colors so it’s a great versatile option!’ 

Amy adds that candlelight will look magnificent against dark walls. 'An aubergine color like Farrow & Ball’s Brinjal, which straddles red and purple is so festive paired with sage green and ecru,’ she says. These colors are anything but muted, but their richness will make any living room look instantly more welcoming and sophisticated.

What welcoming colors should you choose for a more toned down look?

neutral color wall with direplace and white accent chair

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies)

If you’re not one for bold colors, the experts have you covered. You can still create a welcoming atmosphere with a more neutral color scheme, as long as you pick the ones with the right warmth. Sure suggests Drift of Mist from Sherwin Williams. ‘While this shade isn’t a typical festive color, repainting your living room just before the holidays in a shade that will look great year-round, will make any house look just like new in front of guests,' she says. 'This airy, inviting gray is one of my favorite neutrals for living rooms to create a light and open environment.'

And if you want to go for something a touch warmer, try Benjamin Moore’s Hazy Skies. ‘Understated and refined, quiet luxe is calming and subtle yet never boring; perfect for spaces you want to welcome guests,' Helen notes. 'For an on-trend look choose a new neutral such as Hazy Skies – a color with mysterious depth that will instantly add intrigue. Elevate this captivating base color that’s timelessly stylish with layers of texture - dark woods, tactile bouclé textiles, and sleek stone surfaces such as marble and quartz complete this luxurious look.'

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