4 Best Home Fragrances for Summer That Will Shift the Vibe in Every Room

Try these scents to ring in the warm season and make your home smell like a balmy summer's evening

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As we transition into summer, home fragrance is the scintillating finishing touch that will perfectly tie your space's atmosphere together. Scents - be they room sprays, candles, or potpourri- make a delightful addition to your living space and they can make a world of a difference when it comes to setting the mood of your home. Personal perfumes are iconic in their own way, so why shouldn't home scents hold the same prestige?

We think that a home scent can make a phenomenal first impression, but it works best when you choose a fragrance that compliments the season outside to set the right vibe. Curious to know more about the best home scents for summer, we spoke to some experts who gave us all the insider information you need to make your home smell amazing in time for summer.

1. Citrus Scents

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You might consider citrus scents to be an evergreen fragrance option and you're absolutely right. However, we think that they're best suited for summer due to the light, uplifting scents that revitalize your home. And we're not the only ones who think so.

'Citrus is definitely a top choice for the summer,' says fragrance expert Kalliope Amorphous. 'To evoke a sense of sunshine and create an uplifting aroma, try mixing bergamot, cedar, and sweet orange essential oils in your diffuser. Or try a blend of pink grapefruit and lemon for a zesty fragrance.'

Sharing a similar adoration for summer-borne citrus notes, Brittany Bell, director of fragrance and education at Voluspa, tells us that the popularity of these scents can be owed to their transportive nature. If you're looking to introduce an air of citrus into your home, Brittany recommends this Goji Tarocco Orange candle, available at Anthropologie, for a refreshing finish to your room's atmosphere.

2. Fruity Fragrances

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When we think of summer, we immediately think of juicy summer fruits and the tantalizing scents they bring with them. We all have our favorite fruits we look forward to snacking on as the warmer months roll around and if you haven't already, it may be time to find your perfect sweet fragrance that serves up all those same aromas. Who knew that all you really needed to make your home smell good was a little spritz of a fruity room fragrance?

According to Brittany, there's no fruit that personifies summer more than a ripe watermelon, and she suggests introducing fruity aromas linked to fruits like melon, mangoes, and berries for some fruity scent layering. We also recommend experimenting with tropical fruit scents to make your home smell like an orchard of fresh fruits every time you venture through your home.

3. Spiced Notes

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You might think they're more well-suited as fall scents, but spiced aromas are another transportive fragrance that can make you feel like you're traipsing through an enchanting foreign souk within seconds of an inhale. These glamorous home scents work beautifully in the summer as they weave through your home, infusing each space with an organic freshness.

Brittany tells us that cardamom is one of the top spiced fragrances of the season, and we also recommend introducing delicious aromas carrying cinnamon or ginger. One of the go-to scents for the most comforting homes, spiced fragrances have an innate ability to raise the spirits in any room.

4. Clean Aromas

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Classic and timeless, clean aromas will always be the 'it' scent of the summer. Elegant clean scents like sage and eucalyptus are perfect for summer homes, but you can also bring the beach home with fragrances that boast hazy oceanic scents known for their calming properties.

Clean scents are a great way to bring a soothing air into your personal space. They create the ideal setting to unwind in and give your home that spa-like scent that transports you into a serene state of mind.

Fragrance expert Emilie Mascarell suggests trading heavy woody scents for breezy sea scents in the summer to better match the environment and tells us that she loves picking up luxury candles like Maison Margiela's Beach Walk and Le Labo's Calone 17 for her home.

Sharing a similar sentiment, Brittany also finds clean scents to be a quickfire way to dress up your home in a summer scent. 'Clean scents create a harmonious atmosphere of peace and vitality, perfect for sunny days,' says Brittany. 'Incorporate these light fragrances into your home to cultivate a sense of tranquility and inner balance, like a calming sun salutation for your space.'

Finding a scent that matches your home can be a slightly tricky task. But now that you know the most popular fragrances of the season, we think it'll be a little easier to find your home's signature scent. Whether it's fruity or spiced, find a fragrance you find yourself allured by to turn your space into a seasonal scentscape.

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