This Simple, $10 Amazon Buy is the Easiest Way to Hide Cords for a More Clutter-Free Countertop

Try this clever trick to tidy up your electronics and take your organizing game to a whole new level

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A well-organized home is an aesthetically pleasing home - a fact that we can all agree on - but sometimes there are a few spaces that we just can't seem to declutter. With the myriad of gadgets they house, kitchen countertops commonly account for one of these few spots, the endless trail of electronic cables contributing to an unsightly look. Fortunately though, with new organizing tricks making their way into the mainstream, there may be hope for us homeowners yet...

In a recent Instagram video, we discovered how to use adhesive cord holders to coil and store device cables in a tidy manner. By simply sticking the holder onto any wired appliance, you can push the cord through the holder, wind it around, and rid your countertops of any pesky loose wiring. When it comes to how to organize your home, it's a simple yet efficient trick no space should go without.

As seen in the viral Instagram video courtesy of home decor enthusiast Emma (@foreverhome_no1), this cord organizer makes it easy to disguise trailing cables by fastening them around hooks which stick directly onto your device via an adhesive tab. These clever gadgets, available from Amazon for just $10 for a pack of four, can be attached to home appliances such as toasters, kettles, or lamp bases, and they're made from sturdy silicone material with clips that keep the cords from uncoiling.

Professional organizer, Di Ter Avest tells us that this technique can significantly improve the functionality and aesthetics of any living space. 'Tangled cords not only look messy but can also be a safety hazard and make it difficult to locate the right cord when needed,' she says. 'This cord organizer is a practical and helpful hack for anyone looking to declutter their living or workspace and improve efficiency in managing electronic devices.'

Although the video focuses on how to hide cords on kitchen counters, the method can also cater to other spaces in your home, too. 'While it works especially well in kitchen appliances, it can also be used in workplaces, entertainment centers, and anywhere else you need to get cords out of the way,' notes Di. Not only does this keep your home spick-and-span but it could also contribute to a longer life for the wiring that is prone to accidental damage while left tangled and strewn about.

For a more clutter-free home, the small but mighty multifunctional devices are a must. You can finally bid farewell to the clumps of wiring crowding your countertops and enjoy a more streamlined, minimalist space!

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