Fun and Funky Kids’ Wallpapers

Childrens bedrooms no longer have to be limited to fairies or cowboys. Broaden their horizons with a kids' wallpaper that's both fun and funky

A quick browse through our children’s bedrooms inspiration gallery and you’ll see that kids rooms can be as stylish as they are fun. With playful designs by design houses like Osborne & Little and Cole & Son, as well as cool new kids on the block such as  Wild Hearts Wonder, there’s no shortage of fun kids’ wallpapers that max out on style factor.

monkeying around

Villa Nova’s Picturebook Wallcoverings collection brings charming pattern and colour to kids’ bedrooms. From night scenes of New York City (complete with yellow taxis), tropical toucans and lush jungles, to playful pups and pretty woodlands, each option features free-spirited brushstrokes and loosely drawn figures.

This is the Monkey Bars paper by Frann Preston-Gannon for Romo.

sing a rainbow

Bear & Beau is a new brand that creates home decor for children – and their style conscious parents. Expect hand-inked wallpapers wth cute rainbows, robins and rabbits.

Rainbow Love wallpaper, £145 per 10 m roll, Bear & Beau.


Okay, so you’re not technically supposed to colour in this wallpaper, but we imagine the temptation will be hard to resist. The London Houses wallpaper by Rebel Walls shows pretty rows of Notting Hill architecture, drawn in 2D.

‘London houses’ £33.00 / m2 by Rebel Walls


This is not your average hot air balloon print. In the charming Galerie Jack n Rose Junior Vintage Balloons illustration, moustached men sail the night sky in fantastical contraptions, including a bicycle powered zeppelin, and balloons with sails and flags.

Galerie Jack n Rose Junior Vintage Balloons Wallpaper, JR3004, £29.95 from John Lewis


The stunning Borastapeter Polarn wallpaper from the Scandinavian Designers Mini range shows bears swimming underwater, surrounded by water bubbles. In a neutral pastel shade, it’s calming but still playful and fun – just the thing for a toddler’s room.

Borastapeter Polarn wallpaper by Mini range, £59 from Nubie


Colourful and comical birds perch on jungle leaves the free spirited Cockatoo illustration by Quentin Blake for Osborne & Little.

Osborne & Little Cockatoos Wallpaper, Green W6060-01, £48 from John Lewis


Hibou Home’s pretty Swans Wallpaper would look lovely in a nursery or little girl’s room. The pattern is available in either Pale Rose (seen here) or Mint.

Swans Wallpaper, £59.95 from Hibou Home

See four new looks for kid’s rooms.

animal portraits

Inspired by ancestral family portraits, this gorgeous Portraits wallpaper features portraits of hares, dogs and badgers, framed with olive leaf wreaths.

Kids Portraits Wallpaper in Black & White, £59.95, by Hibou Home at Cuckooland


Cole & Son’s Cabaret wall scene features twirling dancers and carnival fantasy.

Cabaret by Cole and Son, £105, available from Nubie


Soft, subtle and neutral, the Starry Sky Wallpaper creates a restful backdrop of clouds and stars. The sophisticated design features hand drawn metallic stars and clouds, and comes in either Pale Rose with gold stars or White with silver stars.

Starry Sky Wallpaper, £59.95 from Hibou Home

walk the earth

For the dinosaur-obsessed, Paperboy’s ‘D’ya-think-e-saurus’ wallpaper features roaming hand drawn dinosaurs. The pattern comes in a variety of different colours, with matching bedding, cushions and curtains available too.

Kids ‘D’ya-think-e-saurus’ Wallpaper in Green, £60, Paperboy.


This almost photo-realistic Magical Alley scene shows trees curving over a mysterious path. It adds instant depth to a wall – not to mention mystery and intrigue.

Magical Alle wallpaper, product code R15251, £33.00 / m2 from Rebel Walls


Inspired by the great outdoors and a love of adventure, the Into The Wild Wallpaper features brown bears, wolves and elk hiding amongst block style prints of pine trees. The pattern is available in either Stone and Arctic White or Grey and Storm Green.

Into The Wild Wallpaper, £59.95 from Hibou Home


The April Showers wallpaper features little grey colours with multi-coloured rain drops, making it easy to blend in with most colour schemes. Light hearted and brightly coloured, this simple pattern is perfect for playrooms, nurseries, toddlers’ rooms and very young children.

Scion April Showers Wallpaper in colour 111269, product code 69303821, £29 from John Lewis

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