Trending: Classical Architecture

What did the Romans ever do for us, eh? Apart from straight roads, we have them to thank for sweeping staircases, cornicing, pillars, arches, symmetrical lines... Honestly, what's not to love about the timeless grandeur and grand simplicity of the Greeks and Romans, who nailed the finer points of architecture to the extent that we're still inspired by it today?

So you can't stretch to a Mediterranean palazzo or a pillared palace? Good news that classical architectural tropes are now creeping into interiors by way of homewares, accessories and wallpapers.

And we're expecting to see plenty more – even the design experts at Focus18 have named this a top trend for 2019.

So, time to brush up on your knowledge of architraves, entablatures and the Doric order: classical architecture is officially this season’s trop du jour.


Head to Chisel & Mouse for the real deal – sort of. Its latest collection of to-scale plaster models are replicas of designs in Sir John Soane’s Museum.


Meanwhile, Doiy’s food stand offers a playful take on the Ionic column.


Perhaps better known for its romantic florals and watered-down botanicals, Sandberg Wallpaper is leading the troupe with Marie, a graphic paper dotted with rows of 3D-look arches and undoubtedly the standout design from its recent L’Hotel collection.


Putting the Classical order top of the agenda, Swoon Editions’ Phaenna pendant stacks layers of marble in the Doric style.


Uncorking your best bottle can require a bit of muscle. Thankfully, DOIY Design’s corkscrews and bottle openers come in the form of honed Greek gods and goddesses. You’ll have no trouble with Dionysus – god of winemaking – on your table.


Keep an eye out for architect Malaika Carr’s sculptural jewellery designs referencing cityscapes and iconic buildings. The secret of good design? Perfect proportions.

Lotte Brouwer

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