Sustainable style – introducing the washing machine that cares for your clothes and the planet

Promotional article with LG

The ecological impact of fast fashion is a hot topic, with throwaway garments contributing more to climate change than air and sea travel, as reported by The Guardian. More now than ever, it makes sense to invest in good-quality clothes and care for them so they look and feel like new.

LG’s washing machines are a great choice for sustainable style aficionados – not only are they equipped with a range of smart features to gently wash your whole wardrobe, they’re fantastically energy efficient and easy to use. Championed by fashion and sustainability blogger The Anna Edit, author of the organisation manual An Edited Life, LG’s washers use the latest technology to optimise each cycle, so that every item, from jeans to a favourite silk shirt, can be part of your lifestyle for longer.



A love of style isn’t just about finding key wardrobe pieces, it’s about making sure they always look their best. LG’s washing machines have care and sustainability at their core. They’re equipped with AI DD Smart Fabric Care, which weighs the laundry and detects its softness, so the machine can automatically choose the ideal programme.

By optimising the wash, damage to your clothes is reduced by up to 18%, so they last longer, as well as saving energy by not over-washing.

‘The better you look after your clothing, the longer it’s going to last,’ says Anna. ‘These washing machines make that so easy – while I have always tried to invest in pieces for my wardrobe, I’m now looking after them better than ever before.’ They also feature Steam+, which adds steam at the end of a cycle to reduce wrinkles by up to 30%, so you can save time on ironing.



LG’s washing machines don’t just help your clothes to last longer, they can also help you to live sustainably in other ways. Built to last and reassuringly durable, they’ve been designed for greater longevity, with an elegant external tempered glass door and hygienic stainless-steel lifters in the drum instead of plastic – so you won’t need to replace your machine in a few years.

They’re also incredibly energy efficient every time you wash thanks to an A+++ rating and DirectDrive motor.

Another sustainability plus is that you can track water and electricity use and add up to 20 extra wash programmes to expand its capabilities rather than buying a new machine. ‘Downloading cycles from the app for your machine means that it can adapt and offer new washings as your life changes,’ explains Anna.

And, as you’d expect from LG, it’s beautifully designed and stylish, with a sleek visible display, touch controls, chrome rim and chunky metallic dial – fitting into your kitchen, utility or laundry room effortlessly.



Less time spent washing equals more free time to indulge your passions and LG’s ultra-fast TurboWash 360 ̊ can help to make that happen. By using four directions of 3D multi nozzles that reach every inch of the drum, it cleans laundry thoroughly in just 39 minutes for fast, yet gentle, washing.

The new range can also reduce how many loads you need to wash in a week as each has a large drum capacity of up to 10.5kg – without increasing the size of the machine. ‘The best bit is the large drum size, which is so good for when you’ve just got back from holiday, or you fancy throwing in your duvet or front room curtains,’ reveals Anna. ‘What used to have to be split into half, can now go into one load.’


Stylish and sustainable, LG’s smart new washing machines have been designed to deliver great results every time, with dedicated programmes for duvets, delicates, wool, hand-washing and more. They’re super-quiet too, with a washing noise level of just 48dB, and easily fit around your lifestyle with a delay start of between three and 19 hours.

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