How is Covid-19 shaping design trends?

Believe it or not, the pandemic is influencing how we decorate our homes

Perhaps it’s not that surprising – given how we are having to adapt and drastically change the way we live and work, that the Corona virus is already shaping how we decorate our homes too.

Research from U.S. online interior design service, Modsy, has shown how, in just two months, working from home (due to the virus and the Government guidelines) has already had a major impact on our decor and design schemes.

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Limited private space to work was the #1 frustration from Modsy customers with their existing, often makeshift home office setup. So creating a private, formal workspace is more important than ever before

Analysing its own data, Modsy found that requests for home office design had jumped by 40% compared to April of last year.

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  • In the last 30 days, new chairs were the most commonly purchased piece of home office furniture – proof that a comfortable seat is key. A style that puts form on par with function, it’s no surprise that mid-century modern was Modsy’s #1 requested style for home office designs. After all, who hasn’t coveted a Mad Men style home office?

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  • Multi-functional spaces that work well were key, with Americans transforming kid’s rooms and master bedrooms with desk areas, in. order to have multiple study areas, so more than one person can work at a time

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What does this mean for the future of interior design? Modsy VP of Style, Alessandra Wood, predicts that in the long-term:

  • Home offices are here to stay. As life goes back to normal many jobs will likely begin to enable remote employment. Modsy already had 60% of its workforce as permanent remote workers, prior to the guidelines. The permanency of remote jobs means people will design their home work spaces differently. As a result, we’ll see more dedicated and private home work spaces, as opposed to makeshift desk setups. This may mean people move to larger homes in more remote areas to garner more space, or they dedicate guest rooms as permanent home offices.
  • Stylish desk chairs will reign. As more and more people introduce home offices into their decor, expectations for stylish and ergonomic desk chairs will be on the rise. If you’re introducing a desk into your living room, you don’t want your chair to look like it came out of a corporate office. We’ll see manufacturers catering to home office buyers looking for chairs that will fit in with their aesthetics and give users the comfort they need.

  • Multi-functional spaces will be the key to home layouts. We’ll start to see the incorporation of desks and workspaces into bedrooms and living rooms as part of the norm, because even those who continue to work in an office will likely have more flexibility to engage in remote work. Creating multiple workspaces throughout the home means that two people can work from home at the same time without bothering each other.

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